105-Piece Tool Chest and Tool Set

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105-Piece Tool Chest and Tool Set
Price: $49.99
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Reviews over at The Home Depot

Here is a link with review from Harbor Freight. Same price there (before any coupons), plus lifetime warentee if anything breaks for any reason!


I have this set and would say they feel really cheap in the hand, but I have used them moderately and the hold up well for the price. I feel they are worth (to me) $40 and would probably buy them again for $30. That being said, it’s a pretty good and complete set for a college dorm type setting. The case with drawers is a nice touch that I really liked (I now use the tools at for a vehicle without of the drawer box)

This looks to be the same as carried at Harbor Freight.

105 Pc Tool Kit with 4-Drawer Chest

I have the set from Harbor Freight. It is decent for a cheap set. At $50, I’d say not quite worth the price. Think I got it for $35, and $35-40 is about right for this set. Most of the tools, while not the highest quality work fine. The only real trouble I’ve encountered are some of the precision bits deforming under torque.

Note that while the same price is listed at Harbor Freight, they have their 20% off coupon codes that seem to be nearly as ubiquitous as AOL CDs were back in the day. If you live near a Harbor Freight I would just grab a coupon and purchase in store.

Also, Harbor Freight offers a lifetime warranty on hand tools. They usually will just exchange in store as well, no need for shipping.

If you don’t live near a Harbor Freight, you can still order online. Here is a 20% off coupon code that’s good through Sunday and can be used in online orders.


That will take the item price down to $39.99. Shipping ($6.99) and tax ($2.74) for my area came out to $9.73, bringing the shipped total to $49.72. That’s less than woot’s shipped price and a lifetime tool warranty to boot. So, if it were me I’d buy in person at HF, or on the web at HF’s site.

P.S. - For the love of all that is holy never buy anything at Harbor Freight that plugs into a wall outlet!

Ditto. I have the same set from harbor freight and while they are pretty cheap tools, the only one that broke was the 3/8 ratchet (the whole assembly snapped under pressure while breaking free M10 15mm bolts on a strut to knuckle joint on a friends 15 year old focus)

I replaced the ratchet with a $20 used snapon from eBay and the whole kit still serves its purpose.

Great spare kit to keep at a second hold, in an unreliable car, or in my case, at the ex’s.

Cheap tools are not worth it. Nothing worse than having a tool break in the middle of a project or having the tool damage the nut or bolt. There are other budget tools out there that are good quality.

Good luck finding a good quality set like this for even double the price. The craftsman equal to this is over $150 and it isn’t even much better. Most craftsman tools are made in China now and those that are made here aren’t as good as they were 50 years ago…

Lowes house brand, Kobalt, makes a similar set to this for $100 which I also own, and is pretty good. The Kobalt tools are made in Taiwan, not China, with laser etching and other craftsman-y features. I feel they are actually equivalent to craftsman for much less. I feel that way about a lot of tools now, craftsman is just so inconsistent.

There are two kinds of tools. Cheap tools and expensive tools. Don’t buy anything in the middle. Buy crap if you don’t need heavy duty daily use tools, buy quality if you use them to earn a living. Occasionally I mix and match.

As I said. Adding a used $20 snap on ratchet (probably a $100 tool new) to this kit made it entirely functional. The socket walls aren’t obsessively thin and other than the very poorly constructed channel locks, everything else is fine. Below average, but fine.

I have two of these from Harbor Freight. Somewhere around $30 with coupon. Keep one in the garage and one in the barn. No fancy name brand, but good enough for general use.

Thanks, Sutski! For both bits of info. … And I might be a little suspect of any hydraulic jacks that I’m using if I’m going to be under the car…

I highly recommend using jack stands in addition to any jack if you will be under the car. :wink: