10knots Cellars 2006 2+1 Grenache - 3 Pack

10knots Cellars 2006 2+1 Grenache - 3 Pack
$64.99 + $5 shipping
1 10knots 2006 “Moonraker”
2 10knots 2006 “Atlantis”
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Thank you to the academy for choosing me,  the silent wooter who only looks at everyone else’s post and is afraid to speak…. I was awarded the golden ticket and was excited and fearful at the same time. I signed up for ratting so long ago I never thought it could or would ever happen. Then when I saw what kind of wine it was, my fear grew even larger. I am a primarily white wine drinker who will only drink red if it is “just right”. This 10knots2006 is “ just right”. Upon corking the bottle the first thing I noticed was what was missing….NO FUNK!!!
 The bouquet was clean and berry-like and very pleasant. The color was what I would describe as average-not too light and not too deep a purple either. Just a nice claret color. I poured right away because I wanted to compare freshly corked against wine that had time to breathe. I was SOOOOOO pleasantly surprised to find I liked the taste right after corking. I could taste the berry and black cherry but to me what was more important was what was not there. There was no harsh bite, no bitterness, and no taste of funk. The wine was impressively smooth with a touch of sweetness but not at all sweet. It was like the sweetness was only implied. The finish was short and very clean with no aftertaste. I took my time pairing it up with foods. It was great with cheeses, olives, pork loin and even dark chocolate. Everything seemed to go with this wine. Just out of curiosity, I poured a glass through the Vinturi and was actually disappointed that it smoothed the taste out too much and left me with too short a finish on the wine. As has been described on this website a million times about an easy drinking white, this to me is an easy drinking red. If you are looking for a heavy handed bold  wine, this is not for you. If you want a real easy drinker, then this is your new favorite.

I almost jumped on this… but then noticed that my state is not on the hallowed list. My husband just gave me permission to invest in some grenache because he loves it. So now I need a screaming deal that ships to NC.

Did you get the Atlantis or Moonraker?

Keep checking back - there’ll be more (-:


Lab Rat Report
10Knots 2006 “Moonraker”
As a first time Lab Rat, I was excited to get the email that I was going to get a bonus bottle of wine from Woot, then a little nervous about having to write a report for fellow Wine Wooters. We drink a fair amount of wine in our house and I know what I like and don’t like in wines, but have never written a review.
Here goes:
The wine arrived around 1pm. It was a Mourvedre, Grenache, Syrah blend which was exciting, we have been drinking a lot of blends lately and enjoying them.
Opened the wine, it was a deep garnet color, with blackberry aromas. The first sip was bursting with berry flavors. We paired it with 3 cheeses, an Irish Cheddar-not so good, a French Brie-my favorite, and a Danish Havarti- worked well.
Decantered the wine after pouring the first glass. Paired with a braised beef dish, roasted potatoes, and roasted carrots. Complimented the food well. The wine opened up nicely, becoming more fruity, maybe plum or cherry with a definite hint of spice.
The wine continues to improve with time ,it’s smooth with a long finish. I will be buying some on Friday to try again.

Having a difficult time here with QPR, especially when reviewing CT notes, mid to high 80’s, but the comment on the Moonraker of “Great $10 wine.” is a bit disconcerting. Average community values total to the Woot offering price. Unusual…

Man you are everwhere. Hope the coffee is holding out

Atlantis…sorry about that.

Ok, either there’s gonna be something else from you today or you are just REALLY CAFFEINATED and pumped to be hanging out with us all day :wink:

James Bond fans should get this just for the Moonraker.

I really dig this site and the folks who frequent the comment area. I’m all about information - learing, sharing, etc - and the group here is more fun then other places . . .

I also sit on the Board of Directors of the Rhone Rangers AND really like Grenache, so I want to see everyone do well here . . .


Here are some reviews on the moonraker.

The Atlantis was featured as the Wine of the Month clubs first pick back in November 2010. They have some good info on that in the newsletter.


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Isn’t it about time for the Wine BOC ? I’m in for 12.

What a wonderful labrat! Thank you, I can almost taste it in my mind from your description.

Stats say low acid, drink now, easy drinker. Ripe, fruity fruit wine. Fruit bomb, even. But that’s what Grenache is to me, usually, anyway. Not about tannins, or funk, or complexity, but good, fruity everyday easy drinking.

Others are greater fans of the Grenache, as I have more favourite Rhone varietals, and like my Grenache as a GSM. Or sometimes as a Garnacha :sunglasses: . Ask Klezman about the Grenache from Wellington…

I could answer this, but then I would have to kill you

This offer looks super tempting. Do we know QPR?

(Edit: Also I love grenache and I love Grenache Day!)

As a proud CT average buster/bargain hunter, I would agree this is not a very tempting price, mostly brought down by the Moonraker - but I really enjoyed the Atlantis last time, and have had trouble finding it (in the midwest, anyway -paid under $20/ea previously). I was still in for one, but would have went for more if this was going in the $45ish range where I think it should be.