10W 5000K Floodlight with Plug

10W 5000K Floodlight with Plug

The black one has an Amazon discount coupon of 10% off. It’s currently listed at 14.99. With the discount a new one from Amazon is $13.49! That’s ten cents cheaper. In the last few months I’ve had to cross check prices with Amazon to make sure I’m getting a good deal wit Woot! It used to be a given. Now, most deals I’m interested in are cheaper or within a dollar of Amazon. What gives?


I see it for $15.99 with a 20% coupon on Amazon.

Sorry, I meant the silver not black. Whether the silver is $13.49 at Amazon (with the discount meaning it’s $0.10 cheaper on Amazon) or the black is $14.40 (with the discount, making it $2.49 cheaper on Woot) doesn’t really matter as both are not the discount I had come to expect with Woot.

Either way, Woot is no longer a discount site. It’s another site selling items that are sometimes discounted and sometimes just for sale.

For a 10w led flood light like this I suggest going with a 12v version as you can run them off a low voltage 12v “pathway” system. I bought three from amazon years ago.
Who has outlets where you need them and I highly doubt that cord is long enough. You’ll likely need a very long extension cord to use this and that’s an extra expense.
Mine was from LE (LightingEver).

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