11-in-1 Toaster Convection Combo Oven

11-in-1 Toaster Convection Combo Oven

Is this new or refurbished? Does it toast good?

11-in-1 Toaster Convection Combo Oven
COSORI CO125-TO 11-in-1 Toaster Combo, Convection Countertop Oven
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So it doesn’t air fry?
Most of the functions seem to be a standard toaster.

An air fryer is just a marketing gimmick/rename for a small convection oven. This is a convection oven.

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While this is true if they have good air flow, I think one thing that sets air fryers apart is they tend to come with a fry basket. It allows juices and other liquids to drip through, keeping things from getting soggy.

That said, I pulled the trigger on this one because I was in the market for a new toaster oven anyways. Maybe I’ll get an air fry basket for it one day, but honestly I’m a little concerned about the mess it’d make splattering in the oven. At least my Foodi has a removable insert to help with cleanup.

FWIW all convection toaster ovens I have come with a drip tray that hangs below the rack, so essentially the same thing. I get that “air fryers” are somewhat more specialized, but not enough for me to anyway to give up more counter/cabinet space.

Maybe yours does, but this unit does not have a drip tray. It only has a crumb tray that would not do a good job at catching liquids from air frying. It’s below the heating coils anyways.

And it only has the one rack, so unless you are setting the food tray directly on the heating elements, it does not do what you say.

It does have a “food tray” and that typically slots in under the rack in all my toaster ovens. But you’re right, I don’t see the hangers on the rack for it. In any case, racked baking pans are cheap to throw in there compared to an entire air fryer. Again, this is for my situation, but if someone wants an air fryer I personally don’t care, lol.

Pro-tip: Wrap the crumb and food trays in foil for easier cleanup.

How is the chicken rotisserie function?

Just got mine. They way they packed the box was stupid. Toaster oven box inside a larger box where it was free to bounce around. Mishandled so much a piece of the styrofoam packing inside was broken in twain.

The fan made a stupid amount of loud noise when I first turned it on, like it was rubbing on something. That went away a few minutes later, but came back with a vengeance a couple times during my 10 minute test. Hopefully it works itself out because otherwise I’ll have to assume it got damaged during transport.

And the rack isn’t really held in with anything, not even a tight groove. You pull it halfway out and it tilts, which would dump any food on the ground.

Not great first impressions.