11" Non Stick Fry Pan Copper


According to an Amazon question, no.

OK, I’m just going to post this once, even though it applies to all of the fry pans and pots in this deal (apparently posting a relevant statement to more than one item in a situation like this constitutes “spamming” according to the Woot-bots, and you get put on double-secret probation).

In the list of features, it says:

“11” titanium frying pan"

Potential buyers, be aware that THIS IS NOT A TITANIUM FRYING PAN!!! It’s an aluminum pan (probably; I’m guessing here since the staff/Amazon says it’s probably not induction cooking-compatible) with a non-stick coating that has something to do with titanium. An actual titanium frying pan would cost way, way more than this, even on Woot.

Don’t waste your money! Everything sticks to this. It does not work as advertised. Biggest sham out there.

I have 3 of these already and was considering the full cookware set.

Actually, it does work, but only if you follow the directions. You can’t just clean it and use it. Like a cast iron skillet, you have to “season” it first. The instructions explain how to do this. I suggest going through the process 2 or 3 times to make sure you have a good coating baked in and covers 100% of the cooking surface. Once done right, nothing will stick. Failing to do this first will make it frustrating and near impossible to clean.

Buy one get one free (with extra shipping charge) on their website:


Woot is looking to exploit people yet again.

The surface coating is some sort of mix of ceramic and titanium-like material (who knows, they’ll never tell you).

As durable as the surface is, the pan itself is clearly aluminum and will warp/bend over time.

Handle is stainless steel.

If you buy from them directly, you’ll probably have better support and a return policy.

GothamSteel website:

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