11" Gel Memory Foam Mattress (5 Sizes)

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11" Gel Memory Foam Mattress (5 Sizes)
Price: $219.99 - 389.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days (Tuesday, Nov 10 to Friday, Nov 13) + transit
Condition: New


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Discussion/Comments from a similar previous offer

what brand is it?

[MOD: See my answer below]

After several YEARS, my woot memory foam still has not expanded. Woot did not reply to my emails. DO NOT BUY!!!

[MOD: I looked up your purchase. It was a different vendor and had a 90-day warranty.]

I had no trouble with mine (it’s 12" thick). When it arrived, I opened the vacuum sealed packaging and it fully expanded within about 8 hours. The mattress has been extremely comfortable for nearly two years: not too warm in the summer, it cushions your body, not too firm or soft. I’ve found it to be a big improvement over the inner spring mattress that I had used previously.

I use it in combination with a 3" gel memory foam topper, which requires deep pocket fitted sheets (15" total thickness). I’ve been pleased that it’s just as comfortable almost 2 years later. Very restful sleep using this type of mattress, so I don’t plan to return to using a conventional (coiled innerspring mattress) one again. I’m a side sleeper, about 175 pounds and this has been a great choice for me. Note that it’s not really returnable (you can’t compress it back to the original size), but I’ve been happy with mine.

I am with the manufacturer and will be able to answer any questions you have.



Please send me a PM and if the mattress you bought was one of ours, we would be happy to take care of it.


Glad you are happy with your mattress!

Can you use standard fitted sheets with this mattress?

What is the return policy on these beds if I don’t like it

What about the box spring?

Is there a boxspring? What do you use for it if not?

I have a severe corn allergy. I know that regular memory foam is corn-based. Can you confirm for me if there are any corn derivatives in any of the foam layers in your mattress?

Yes, you would be able to use standard fitted sheets with this mattress.


It can be used with your current platform, foundation or box spring.

It just needs a solid foundation for the best results.

Hi, I just purchased this and was wondering if you could tell me the name of the brand that makes the bed? Also what is your return policy? I have no plans on returning this item… I’m just curious. Thank you!

The foam is not corn-based.


I bought 3 foam mattresses from Woot on 3 occasions 5-6 years ago. I like mine, but others are not as happy. None of them really dislike their mattress. The foam stinks for a few days when first opened. I would leave it in an unused room if possible.
You can’t turn the mattress over to even out wear, but I haven’t noticed any in 6 years.


If you are TRULY “with the manufacturer” than i don’t understand why you are avoiding answering the MOST COMMON question.


Since you’ve been previously unwilling to discuss this answer, is it safe to assume that the manufacturer a) doesn’t exist bc it’s outsourced or b) either has a bad reputation or none at all? Many of us would be more willing to commit to the purchase if you would answer this question. Thanks

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