11" Illuminated Dual-Map Political Globe

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11" Illuminated Dual-Map Political Globe
$68.99 + $5 Standard OR $12 Two-Day OR $15 One-Day Shipping
Condition: New

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anyone know if the shirt is up??

Does it come with a no slip pad for putting on my dash? or do i have to stick it on the windshield?

Naive here. Or uninformed. Or something.

What is a Political Globe?

Edit: Not sure I want to know.

Maybe if you could hook it to your Computer

did woot crash for anyone else?

Countries, not geography… I think.

It just means that it focuses on country names and boundaries, and major cities. Physical globes don’t have country borders normally and focus on the terrain.

Ummm I really don’t ‘get it’. Countries are geography, yes? Do not mean to be obtuse. Just am.

for that money it should be able to do both
georgraphy with light off and politcal with light on

Nope,running fine.

What is the difference between a Political and a Physical globe?

A Political globe highlights country and state borders with less information about the Earths physical features, while the Physical globe shows more detail on physical terrain, and may or may not show country borders. Some illuminated globes feature a dual-map that reveals additional information when the globe is lit. Physical globes typically use more earthy tones to illustrate ecological zones or topography, and most will also show “political” features such as city and country names and boundaries. Political globes typically use bright, bold color blocks to easily identify political boundaries, and little if any, information about physical features.

From a google search…Since i was curious as well

oops, does it, sorry, didn’t read

I actually want a nice globe for my kid so she won’t be a crappy person who can’t find her own country on a globe, but I want the countries to be different colors rather than white. Is that stupid? It looks pretty lit up in the picture, but pictures can be dirty liars sometimes.

Political Globe’s are popular because they never go obsolete.

Actually just wait until the fall of whatever country it happens to next and pull the light bulb. Problem solved!

By the way, TT checked when this was offered on kids.woot recently, but they have not been updated with South Sudan (that’ll be on next years model.)

I sure as hell hope they’ve updated this to include South Sudan as a new independent nation…otherwise this would be a total waste of money!

5 inches in Diameter, whats it made out of Gold?

Oh. Thank you! Do understand terrain. Sidles away. Unfulfilled. :wink:

Re: This “Globe:” It’s okay. Might be a good purchase if you don’t have one. Or not. To me, it’s pricey for what it is.