11654 Flat Steel Bar, 1/8 x 1 x 48"

11654 Flat Steel Bar, 1/8 x 1 x 48"

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Well, that’s random…


Last night, while I was fighting the urge to fall asleep, trying to make it to Wednesday’s Midnight Madness Sale, I thought about this flat steel bar. What could be the use of this wonder of engineering?

I mean, dang, there are flat steel bars all over the place in this world each with a specific function and purpose… but this particular flat steel bar with its glorious 4-ft length didn’t seem to have an immediate discernible purpose. The people who write the descriptions of the products seemed to be intentionally cryptic when posting this flat steel bar.

Other thoughts slowly began to form…‘why is Woot selling this flat steel bar?’ ‘What do they know about this flat steel bar that I don’t?’ ‘Is there a whole world of flat steel bars that I don’t know about!?!’

Last night was a deep, dark spiral down a flat steel bar wormhole…

Then, this morning came the really frightening thought, ‘I HAVE TO have this flat steel bar in my life.’ The urge was tangible, and had my phone not been out of arms reach, I might have made the purchase. I mean heck, I dropped a dollar on a beautiful horse pick, and then moments later another dollar on the most righteous bike mud flap butt guard available yesterday…why not pull the trigger on the flat steel bar?

But lo, I pause, praying to the denzians of Woot that perhaps one of the grand Forum moderators of the week would find it in their heart to pointlessly push this flat steel bar out for a buck??? I mean, happy hour was canceled, do we the Wootaters of Woot not deserve to own the 4-ft flat steel bar for a dollar???

I think we do.

Fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:

Ding dang - soooooo…a $1 lilac cake pop George Foreman style maker. That is what I missed while thinking about this flat steel bar.