$12.99 Skechers Watches - 20 Color Options!

I cease to understand why WOOT posts watches on other parts of their site as opposed to their Watches & Accessories site. What’s up with that?

Made in China…no thanks!

Woot is basically the place where we put what you might call “the best of the best” among our offerings. So, you may see sales from any of our sites on Woot - Sport, Kids, Tools…you get the idea.

Does that answer your question?

Is this a Stop Watch also??

What is the size difference between the men’s and women’s versions? Could you maybe post a pic that shows the difference? I’d really like an orange one but I’ll get a women’s one instead if they’re gigantor…

It says it has a 1/100th second chronograph, which means stopwatch.
The men’s spec says it’s 42mm in diameter and the women’s is 36mm diameter. Approx 1.6" vs. 1.4".

While I appreciate the sentiment, you will have a hard time finding anything in the country not made there. Even frozen veggies are now coming from there! Creepy.

Just check the “Specs” on the watches. 42mm diameter for mens, 36 for women; 17 thickness for men, 16 for women.

What is the warranty on these watches?

Each offer should have a 1 Year Sketchers warranty provided.

Not really - I only want to buy WOOTs! from the main site…

I’m not a complete airhead. But the instructions are a little difficult to understand. Are there any other web places where I can get “instructions” on how this watch should be setup, used, the various functions accessed?

Where can you read the month on this watch?

Are companies buying from Woot! to stock their shelves? This is very discouraging that my wife and I see this great offer for the kids $12 Sketcher watches and within 5 minutes, each and every-one of them are gone!

Sorry you missed the sale. It actually started 8/15 and ended earlier today. Keep an eye out for future sales though. There’s a link in my signature to a thread that lists all Plus sales. It’s updated weekday mornings.