12 Bottle Cubby Wine Rack - Gift Week



??? a wine rack? for $21?! that only holds 12 bottles!? Am i missing something here.


12 Bottle Cubby Wine Rack - Gift Week
$21.99 + $5 shipping
1 12 Bottle Cubby Wine Rack

Well, I know what my next build project is going to be. :slight_smile:

To make this using straight, non-cupped wood (pine) would probably set you back almost $20 just for the materials. Something better like Poplar or Oak probably couldn’t be hand-built for this price unless you bought/milled unfinished boards down to size.


Umm…that might even suit my needs…argh…I could maybe fit two.

I could certainly use them. Makes me feel strange wanting to buy so much shit this week though, with it being Christmas season and all.


Perfect for the case of EHP you didn’t buy. :smiley:


semi related to the product, is there any benefit to storing wine on its side as opposed to standing straight up?


and just a couple minutes about I was thinking how perfect the basement was for storing wine, all dark and with a pretty stable temperature, but no place to put the wines and something that seems to be just the right proportions to fit in a particular point right below the stairs where its darkest and coolest shows up… woot does it again, come with the answer that I had not finished coming up with, 1o1, nice. But I am a bargain hunter, note sure if this is the best I can get for the current cost… but it certainly looks like a start to take into consideration.


Do these stack? Or do I need to find floor space for 3 of them, were I to buy 3 of them?


yeah, if you keep the wine upwards the cork dries up, starts to shrink allowing air to seep in and ultimately oxidizing the wine, keeping the wine to its side allows the wine itself to keep the cork relatively humid in order to prevent this from happening and better preserving the wine…


Horizontal storage keeps the corks moist.
Moist corks maintain their seal.
Dry corks allow for leakage of wine out and leakage of [too much] air in.


what he said.

these are really cool (IMHO) and easy to assemble. you can actually story 15 bottles if you count the top.



Based on the design, I would not stack these. You could probably get away with putting two down vertically, laying a piece of shelving across them, and putting the third on top horizontally.


Yes, if you’re a pretentious wine snob and don’t actually DRINK your wine faster than a cork could dry out. :wink:


Video of building your wine rack. LOL


Did not think so, but figured I would ask. Too late to measure though to see where, if anywhere, this could fit.


This is kinda cool but not really that good of a deal. If you are handy-this looks like just dowel rods run together which could be done for less that half the cost. Or you could be like me…i just bought a really nice wrought iron one at the good-will for only $3! What a deal.

I wish woot had a side deal on some tacky christmas sweaters. I really want one and I’m obviously not gonna pay much for it. Hopefully I’ll find something before the office x-mas party
eggnog and missletoe :slight_smile:


Wait! Is this RAT compatible???


I would say yes, as long as you were willing to do some handiwork to secure them together.


Not a bad price, but not a great deal, either.

This site has 42 Cubby racks for about $100:


Or $2.35/bottle space. Woot’s price is about $1.83/bottle space.

If you were gonna buy a few and stack them, you probably should just get the bigger Cubby.


This is true in MOST scenarios, however, wine bottles that have been corked with synthetic corks (mainly mold injected plastic), are not air permiable, and the wine bottles can be stored standing up with no harm to the wine.

Not sure why more wineries dont adopt this way of corking their bottles. There is not a huge increase in price to do so.