12 Bottle Cubby Wine Rack

12 Bottle Cubby Wine Rack
$19.99 + $5 shipping
Condition: New
Product: 1 12 Bottle Cubby Wine Rack

ah, we have moved into “let’s search the warehouse and see what’s related to wine that we can throw up on wine.woot for THEIR wootoff instead of putting them up on juvie like usual”

Know what I use as a wine rack? The Styrofoam containers the woot wine comes in :smiley:

I bet you could fit 16 on this rack.

Ok, this rack covers ONE woot. What am I gonna do with the 40 other bottles I’ve got lying around?

I use USPS priority triangle tubes, cut them down, and glue them together!

Its ghetto, but it works amazingly well. One of these days I’ll take photos.

That’s a sturdy and fair-looking rack, and will hold plenty of refreshing juice.

The video is hypnotic…must go get glass of wine…

a wine rack for 12 bottles???

How can I get this offer 23 times??

got one of these before and it fits perfectly in my pantry. most other alcohol bottles fit as well.

Not sure if I missed anything in the description, but… what type of Woot, um, wood? And, equally important, where is it made?

I know there are fine domestic-made products of cedar or redwood, or maybe just pine, and maybe it’s one of those. But there are also a lot of products of this type that come from the far East, and sell at Bed-Bath-Beyond-type-stores.

This info would help me decide if it’s worth $20 + ship or not.

I wish I had your problem :slight_smile:

make lots of accounts? :slight_smile:

I have one of these. I got mine as part of the Mandolina Varietal Mixed Case that was offered a while back.

The smell is really nice from the wood for a few months. They don’t always fit together as they should, though I would imagine a set of clamps and wood glue would fix that. Remarkably, they work. More than well enough for me, with no attachments needed.

I do the same! But I’m afraid to stack them, so I have them on the floor next to my real wine racks.

Sounds like my mother at TJMaxx buying me Christmas presents.

Thank goodness, I’ve been dying for a wine rack.

For some stupid reason, though, I only bought two. I should have bought three.

You wish, or you wish you had their problem, instead of their problem x5?

I need a wine rack, but I’m thinking about building one from the old fence I tore down last summer.