12 Bottle Cubby Wine Rack

Are these stackable?


it does not say that it’s stackable here so I’d assume it’s not.

Doesn’t look like it, although I suppose you could improvise with some wood glue and see how it goes?

I missed these last time and glad they are back. In for three. Woo Hoo!!!

I got one of these about a year ago. Gave it to a friend and I must say it looks greatin his house.

I have three of these from a previous woot offering. They do the job intended, although fatter bottles just barely squeeze in. They could be made stackable with some strong wood glue.

I bought one of these at the last woot off. I love it! It smells fantastic.

In for one, have a cabinet that wine is stacking up in, and this should fit nicely.

No they are not stackable unless you use glue or brackets.

On another note, these do not require any tools for construction. I got one the last time around and am very happy with it. You can place it in a variety of places as you can set it either up or sideways.

**insert personal opinion **

It would be really nice to have more than just one wine during a “wine woot off”. :wink:

BTW - the video is a bit incorrect, but, it is not hard to figure out.

Got one of these in the last woot off. It looks nice and was easy to assemble. Some large bottles such as the Twisted Oaks I just received fit on the top only because of the width of the bottle.

Regretting not picking this one up - I thought we’d be in for a longer Woot-off, and I was holding out for the ones that remind me of molecular models. Hehehe. I have a wine cellar club shipment coming from Sokol Blosser in the next couple of weeks, and I’m running out of space! Oh well, that’s what I get for hesitating. Hope you all enjoy them! :slight_smile: