12-Inch Sliding Compound Miter Saw

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12-Inch Sliding Compound Miter Saw
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remembering back in the day when Wen was really something i bought this. these are now not the same. i wouldn’t get another one even if was half the price. well yes if you only use it twice a year well sure then get it.

I have to think that this is essentially a Harbor Freight saw. Before you judge, there are some things that HF gets right and their 12" SMS is a big one. I review HF tools on youtube and I and pretty much everyone who comments on my channel agree that for the money, it’s hard to beat their miter saw. This looks like it’s made in the same factory and $10 cheaper.

Not sure I see the point in this sale. It’s a COMPOUND miter saw. You usually buy this because you want to make accurate, repeatable, compound miter cuts.

It might be a great saw, I dunno, but I would want to make sure before buying such a thing.

This is a horrible saw. The way the arm pivots tends flex, just enough that it ruins the miter angle. That and the markings on it are woefully inaccurate.

If all you want is a sliding arm chop saw for rough cutting stuff like 2x4s and deck boards then it’d work. But if you have any intention of doing anything that needs to look good, skip this saw.

I would not recommend anyone get a miter saw that lacks a laser. They’ve very cheap for the manufacturer to add and will save you a ton of time & headache.

If you want to know what you’re getting, just price out any regular 12" sliding miter saw. For $129 you’re giving up accuracy, machining, longevity, quality, workmanship, power under load, etc etc. But hey, if you need something to just work a while and lop off some ends, then this fine. Just don’t expect to make any picture frames. Just sayin’…

First, I don’t own this exact saw, just a similar style, so these comments are more on the style of saw, not this exact model.
Sliding Miter Saws are very nice if you are cutting boards wider than 2x4. it combines a Miter Saw with a radial arm saw. So if you are building a deck with 2x6 or 2x8 you will either need a sliding miter saw, or a steady hand and a circular saw.
if you are going to cut deep bevels (think tilting the saw \ / side to side), or through thicker material like a 4x4 or 4x6 on those wider boards, you want a 12" blade because you need more blade to get through the material.
The downside for 12" blades is if you like to share blades between your miter saw and your circular saw.
A 10" miter saw blade and a 10" circular saw blade can be swapped if needed and if the arbor is the same shape(saves a bit of money).
If you are going to have a dedicated miter saw blade anyway (when you get more serious about projects work) 12", Sliding Compound is a very good option.
If you are REALLY serious about precision, quality, and you need a higher quality product, you aren’t going to find it for $129.

The key factors (and what some other people have mentioned) is that you want a saw that with a blade squared to the table (you MUST check this and correct if its wrong) and that has NO wobble/play in the slide, miter, or bevel. If you are trying to make a perfectly mitered joint, and your saw has slop in the swing, you will never get a good miter.

If you are more of a home handyman who wants to bang together a wood frame planter or something, you can definitely get a lot of use out of this style of saw.

plan to buy a better blade appropriate to the material you are going to be cutting if you want the finished product to be cleaner. the blades that come with most saws are multi-purpose/generic and will chip out wood.
also have a good carpenter’s square to make sure the saw is square vertically and square to the fence.

I hate to go against the grain here…(haha)…

I bought this saw a year ago and it’s served me well, I’ve built a deck, framed my basement and some trim work without failure-but I am not looking for the most precise cuts either. I do wish it had a laser, though. For the money, it’s hard to beat for the random job guy like myself.