12 Language Global Translator



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12 Language Global Translator
$30.99 + $5 Standard OR $8 Two-Day OR $11 One-Day Shipping
Condition: New

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Is this like the thing from Hitchhiker’s Guide?


So you can order bacon in 12 different languages!




I have one of these…its called an Android smartphone.


Är detta ett bra köp?


Oh yeah. This is distinctly not a fish.


This might be a little harder to get into your ear


Ah. They’ve replaced the Bacon of Cthulhu with these onesies and twosies woots in the WO, methinks. Damn.


Its the 12 degrees of Kevin Bacon


Troligen inte.


Това ли е добър покупка?


Ich würde ein Pfund Speck, bitte.


Well, if all the whiners went off to bed with the laptop, I guess we can have some fun now!


Razer TRON Gaming Mouse

This will hopefully help the Burger king staff get my order right when I ask fo bakkon


This comment gives me hope for the future.


While my pig is delighted and sez he will continue to Woot, for me with no more bacon I am forever gone after this travesty perpetrated on the Woot community by Amazon.


Omlette Du Fromage


My body is ready to receive your cans of tactical bacon!