12-Pack 5oz Bath Bomb Gift Set

12-Pack 5oz Bath Bomb Gift Set

These are my #2 go-to for bathbombs on Amazon. Good size, good scent, lots of moisture, no tub stain.

My #1 hasn’t ever shown up on Woot but I love them so much I got the 60 pack.

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My wife got these last time. They’re huge and the candles are neat. She hasn’t used them yet but she just picked up some more as they’re a great price.

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Does anyone know the ingredients? Cruelty-free?

Vexboxx, what are your favorites called?

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I bought a set of these for my wife, and she loves them! The scents are nice, there’s no residue left in the tub, and the moisturizing effect lasted for days afterward. At this price, it’s basically a no-brainer.

@talkalot80 - I don’t remember the ingredients, but the box did say cruelty-free.

“Lotion Fast” and/or “Amor Bath Bombs” on Amazon. I’ve gotten bombs from both and they’re the same bath bombs, so I don’t know if one name was an early incarnation or they have one for wholesale or what. They’re the same bombs from names to scents to look to font on the tags. You get a random assortment with each order, but you don’t wind up with 9 bombs of Stinky Diaper and 1 of Amazing Wonderfulness. They mix it up well. Thus far, I’ve only had to pass on the grapefruit bomb (allergic to grapefruit) and the monkey farts (banana) ones because I really REALLY hate bananas.

As the above place mixes it up, so does RoseVale (this woot). I’ve recommended them as well. The bombs are a really good size. (Lots of golf-ball sized out there charging softball size prices.) They smell good. They’re made well and packaged well. They’re a bit harder to get out of the packaging cos they’re shrink wrapped but nothing a nail file or pair of tweezers can’t fix real quick. Just need to make one small break in the plastic.

With any of these though, be careful when you get up to get out of the bath! They’ve got shea butters and such in them and the tub gets very slippery. Learn from my gravitational humiliation.

According to their packaging, yes. Vegan and cruelty free.

Drat!! Sold out

I just got mine in, and I’m so freaking stoked to try them out. Been a stressful last few months and now I have a reason to kick back and enjoy myself.