12-Pack LED A-19 Lightbulbs - Your Choice

These are about 40W incandescent equivalent. Unfortunately, the color temp isn’t specified.

The 800 lumens are 60W. As far as color temp, you can kind of see on the side of the box that the little triangle is closer to the left end so my guess is 3000 (maybe 2700) Kelvin meaning soft (or warm) white.

It does say soft white on the box. I’m checking with the buyer for any other details, though.

All three boxes say 3000k soft white.

Seems to be that most led lights seem to lose brightness with extended use, mine are likely 2/3rds the brightness from when I first bought them. Maybe just early models have this issue, but I’d keep that in mind when choosing between the 800 lumen and 450 models.

Are these only for 110v systems or could they be used in other countries with 220v-240v and with 50Hz?

So are the 800 lumen the 60W equivalent and the 450 the 40W?

Since 100W is a minimum of 1600 Lumens, these are more like a true 50W. Most manufacturers exaggerate

3000 K is “halogen equivalent.” Soft light incandescent is generally considered to be 2700 K. So these will be a little less soft, a little more blue. Maybe a little brighter and harsher than you would expect for 800 lumens.

A dimmable 800 Lumen LED for $4.59? Call me suspicious. Some lights, when dimmed, buzz like crazy, for example. Even though prices seem to be dropping rapidly, this seems almost TOO cheap

I bought theses the last two times I saw them here on Woot. I can’t say enough good about them, honestly. Even my wife liked them.

Color-wise, they are clearly bluer than incandescents that they replaced, but I wouldn’t call them blue. They still seem to sit ever so very slightly to the yellow side of white. Of course, their color doesn’t change with dimming like the filament bulbs.

It may be the color but these lights also seem to be brighter than their 60w counterparts. This is the reason my wife really likes them. I love the fact they they are rated for enclosed fixture. A lot of the LEDs out there specifically tell you not to put them into enclosures.

If I hadn’t already replaced all the 60w bulbs in my house, I’d buy another set.

Thanks for the Info it is really helpful

I bought these about a year ago when I first saw them and about a week ago they started flickering. At least two of the bulbs flicker.

Lowe’s sells Utilitech LED 60W and 40W 2-packs for $3. This really isn’t a good deal.

This is just around twice that price.

The ones in Lowe’s are Dimmeble ?

These are the LED bulbs I have throughout my house, on multiple types of dimmers (some specified for LED, others specifically not for LED, and yet others old enough they didn’t specify at all) and not a single hint of buzz from any of them. These bulbs are champion dimmers. I know this because before landing on them, I tried GE and Phillips; neither of which performed anywhere near as well with any of the dimmers, nevermind all of them.

To those asking about color: These are 3000k, and while not very “soft”, they’re not even the slightest bit blue either. They give off a decently pleasant, crisp white light that I wouldn’t suggest for bedrooms, but I’ve found work perfectly everywhere else.

Thanks for the info .:+1:

Are these bulbs certified or do they cause radio interference?

I don’t know is my first time buying LED Bulbs