12-Pack LED A-19 Lightbulbs - Your Choice

I can not recommend this purchase, The company will not reply to warranty claims. Better deals from local home center stores (Lowes, Home Depot) where the warranty will be honored on the spo if required.

Do Not Buy these

I can vouch for their bizarre support system. One of their bulbs caught fire in my house and they didn’t seem capable of understanding I didn’t want a replacement, I didn’t want to be hassled, I just wanted to be rid of their product. Link to my review and their responses below:


I came to say this. Unless it was an insane deal I wouldn’t buy bulbs online because my wife and I are pretty finicky about LED color characteristics. More than once I’ve bought several models of bulbs at the big box to ultimately end up returning all of them because we didn’t care for the color. I’d hate to get stuck with a bulb that I didn’t care for for 10+ years.

Nope … 800 lumens is a 60 watt equiv and thats an industry standard.

The Utilitech LED’s are 750 lumens and NOT dimmable. Not a comparable product.

Why such a major increase since the last offering?

6 pack of the 800 lummen dimmable were 17.99 or $3.00 each.


Now 12 for 54.99 or $4.59 each?

I can say I am happy with the color and the performance so far. The first time I turned them on there was a noticeable delay. I’ve either gotten use to it or it has gone away. Obviously can’t speak to longevity, but they have been great so far. Just tough to pull the trigger when the price increased over 50% when other bulbs seem to be falling.



It looks like they were very responsive and attempted to investigate the cause of the problem without much help from you. Pictures are ok, but sending the bulb and lamp back at their expense would have been much more helpful to determine the cause of the problem and ensure it didn’t happen again. Disposing of the lamp before giving them a chance to respond to your claim was a mistake on your part. I can’t tell from the review chain whether you ever returned the bulb, but it is standard practice to request return of damaged items before giving refunds or replacements under warranty. In my opinion, this review demonstrates the company’s professionalism and willingness to resolve the issue not just for you, but for other customers as well.

Does anyone know what the CRI is? I bought the 6-pack of these and the CRI was terribly low, like 75. It made skin look greyish and dead and whites look grungy and slightly yellowed.

I did return the bulb to Amazon and acknowledged the quick response. But I had already disposed of the lamp and had no interest in a replacement item nor driving to UPS to package up their defective product when Amazon picked up the defective product from my door with no effort on my part. I just wanted to be done with it, not have to deal with them or their crap products.

I see that some people really like them. I don’t have the dimmable variety, but I bought some of the 800 lumen 3000k non-dimmable (same brand) a few months ago.

There is a delay when you flip the switch. This is not cool to me. I would not buy again.

Cheaper on Amazon

[MOD: Nope]

How do you figure that? The ones I find on Amazon are 6 packs ($32.97), not 12 packs…

Soft White. :slight_smile:

Good question. I purchased 6 LED bulbs a few years ago and every time I turn them on, the TV goes blank (I use a antenna). Maybe LED’s do not do this anymore?

The Lowe’s are 6000 our life. These are 18,000 and 25,000

Last year I had problems with my garage door opener not working because I was getting interference from LED bulbs I put in. Took awhile to figure that one out.

WARNING! These are NON-dimable.

There are both Dimmable and NON Dimmable in this event.