12-Pack LED A-19 Lightbulbs - Your Choice

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12-Pack LED A-19 Lightbulbs - Your Choice
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Comments/Discussion from a sale in March

Information to compare the brightness of the bulbs on sale versus standard light bulbs

450 lumens = 40 watts
600 lumens = 60 watts
1100 lumens = 75 watts
1600 lumens = 100 watts

While your particular souce shows 600 lumens being 60 watts, several other sources say 60 watts is 800 lumens.

FWIW I’m very pleased with the ones I bought when this exact same deal came through a few weeks ago. Well packaged, zero DOA/broken bulbs, & feel brighter than a 60 watt incandescent. Definitely a wee hint of blue to the “cool white” color, which isn’t noticeable when inside a glass kitchen light fixture.


Some companies make more efficient power supplies, so they get more light at the same wattage. You also need to check rated lifespan as some will trade a shorter life to get more light. It is not quite as simple
as it might seem.

Warning: 3 of 12 have failed, and, no reply from customer service to replace them. Nice lights… if they work.

I haven’t had any fail yet, and they’ve outlasted the $8 60-watt replacement bulb I bought off Amazon 2 years ago. Even if they do fail, these bulbs are cheap enough I wouldn’t worry about it.

The bulbs are slightly brighter than they claim to be. When I replaced the 40W incandescent bulbs in my bathroom with 40W-equivalent bulbs I got off Woot last year, I almost blinded myself and had to swap out for the 20W-equivalents I’d purchased earlier. Otherwise, I’ve had nothing but good experiences with these so far.

I had one fail after a year of use. Although it was a little cumbersome to get a hold of them, if you call them directly they handle the replacement pretty quickly. Contact number is here:

Besides that one failed bulb, these have worked perfectly in an older house.

What is the color of lighting kelvin color temperature of the lights? All I could find is soft white.

I really like the Energetic Lighting LED bulbs I have, but they’re dimmable. I think there’s a reason the ‘non-dimmable’ keep coming up here on Woot and other warehouse style sellers. My take is that people are smartening up and realizing 10-15-20 years from now, they won’t remember which bulbs dim and which don’t, but the writing will have worn off the bulbs by then, so it’s better to just get the dimmable and not worry about it.

Soft white == 2700K for every bulb that I have checked.

And, for every 60WE (watt equivalent) bulb I have the boxes say 800-850 lumens. I think 600 lumens would be a dim 60WE bulb. Google agrees.

A couple of the comments from the previous sale state that these have a delay when you turn them on. It might be a minor issue, but that drives me up a wall and would make me not buy these. Does anyone know if the ones in this sale also do that?

Yes, there is a split second delay. Personally, I like it. Reminds me how much $$$ I’m saving over incandescent bulbs :wink:

I bought 2 of these last time they were offered, all 24 worked perfectly. There is a very brief delay between hitting the switch and seeing light, but it’s less than a second. After a couple days, I don’t even notice it any longer. I got the equivalent of a 60W bulb, and I got the “Soft White”, which are less blue than the “Daylight”. Pretty good price per bulb.

Thanks much

How much is shipping on these bulbs?

Shipping on Woot (except wine.woot) is $5 per order. So you can load up your cart with stuff and it ships for $5.