12 Piece Screwdriver Set



pricing for future reference

condition: New
product(s): 1 12 Piece Screwdriver Set

$0.01 + $5 shipping


Generic? Made in China as usual?


SICK!!!1 In for 3!


Is this even worth the shipping cost?


Got my three! glad 0.01 deals are back.


What brand is this? They look like Craftsman but I doubt they are.


What a TOOL. I still got em’ for a penny. Remember when there was penny candy ?


going quick sellout!


If You are the current 1% that only got 2… then i am sorry you are on such a strict budget lol


I’m in for 3!!!

i always end up losing screwdrivers so this is a great deal!


$5 for 36 screw drivers! Its worth it… easy to lose these suckers


one can never have enough screwdrivers. in for three!


They LOOK like unmarked Craftsman. In for 3. Christmas is almost here already.


Looks like a cheap Craftsman knockoff, same color scheme in the handles, I paid $10 for this a few years ago at Sears, needless to say, I’m in for 3. If one breaks, I have 2 more to replace it.


good warranty. in case i stick them into electrical outlet?


In for 3, naturally.


nf3! might as well. im sorry the guy who bought 1. lol cant afford 2 cents?


I feel you could get something similar to this at the dollar general store…


hmm, not bad at all :). Im in for three. Finally, I can stop borrowing my friends screwdrivers for my computer :l.

ps: i am now officially better than everyone else because of this woot! (according to the forums at least…:’()