12 Survivors Mini First Aid Rollup Kit

In for one. Not too bad of a price for the case even if the contents could use some adjustments. Nice concept and if anyone ever needed to get to a first aid kit fast, and find what you need without dumping half of the case on the ground (even if you know what your looking for lol), this is a nice concept. Putting this in my cars “get me home” bag.

Scratch that Seeing Rebates post. Think I’ll pass. You are showing the TS42000B witch is like $40 on 12survivors site. The one that you sent Rebates is the TS42002B and sells for 25. What are you pulling here woot?

Anyone know if this is MOLLE/PALS compatible? (i.e. will it attach to PALS webbing on a pack?)

Not much of a discount, Amazon has it for $23 and change with prime shipping

Hey woot. We have a problem.

Got my “mini” first aid kit today. It’s not even CLOSE to what your selling. I got the TS42002B but the pictures you got are WAY wrong. My kit had 78 (give or take 1) piece. No scissors, about 40+ band-aids, no roll of tape. Even the roll-up is not what is shown in the pictures. Oh, the box it came in is correct but not in your description. So, either woot or 12 survivors pulled a fast one on us or something. So, I would like to return this item since it’s not what I thought I was buying.

Would you or 12 Survivors like to answer to the above?

Regardless, it’s coming back so the rest of you beware! Yeah, I’m ticked.

EDIT This kit is 25 bucks at the website. There isn’t one thing on this sale that matches what I got. Not even the tweezers LOL.

Yeah I see an issue, the woot description mentions 42 piece kit, the Amazon listing says 80 piece, and the pictures of each are different despite having same model number…

Hey Woot… Whats up with the above?

The Amazon version mentions MOLLE straps

From what I seen on the web site they are but beware, you are not getting what you think you are getting.

Yep, not like they miscounted band aids. The mini kit is nothing like the one they show online at 12S’s website.

Yes, it came with TWO long detachable MOLLE straps. It also had the slots for these clips You can attach it verticle or horizontal. But right now, I don’t care how it attaches. I find it hard to fathom that Woot would be selling something so jacked up in description and price.

Thanks Woot for taking care of this. I was able to find the refund/response in my email.

Hey all. Sorry for the issue. If you haven’t already, contact our customer service.

please use the Woot Customer Service form for assistance.