12 Volt Auto WET/DRY VAC

Purchased previously several months ago. It is good for small jobs and touch up in between regular cleaning. However, the motor and holding tank are not sealed very well which allows dust to blow out during use. I eventually pitched mine after failed attempts to improve the seal.

Would not buy again.

Maybe you bought the $13.99 red one instead of the $19.99 blue one, which, (dispite being mechanically identical,) is CLEARLY a superior sucking machine.
Why else would they charge more for blue?


Clearly blue is better. It’s gotta be worth the extra money.

I don’t know, if you click between the 2 pictures, the blue one looks smaller.

Saw this at CVS for $4.99 yesterday

Yea found it on CVS site for 9.95 so this one on Woot not a deal this time.

The red or blue one? $4.99 is still a great deal,

Absolute piece of _hit…so mad at myself for having bought this because I should have known better…it has less then 0 suction, attachments are beat, hose sucks, it’s simply just god awful…Woot fails me again, everything always seems like a “great deal” but in the end it’s the equivalent of driving down the highway and throwing money out of my driver’s side window…