120 Stars

Of all the things I’ve seen rejected, I’m surprised this didn’t get kicked out for the trademark outline alone, not to mention the other details which are essentially spot on.

I can’t tell if this shirt is too dorky or too cool for me but I don’t think I can wear it.

In case you don’t get it you had to collect 120 stars in mario64

Is this based on anything other than Mario? Or is this a mashup that I’m missing?

Personally, I prefer punching in Super Mario 64.

Unless it’s the Nintendo DS version, which got up 150 stars :smiley:

Yeah, I saw this and was immediately struck by how spot an outline this is to Mario. If it was a derby entry it would have been rejected due to copy right laws. Why did woot accept this? I’m sorry, but this is pretty low par, not even Teefury would have taken this shirt. It makes me a little sad that Woot printed this.

Great shirt, keep up the good work wooters!

It’s a take off on the facebook movie poster

Wording based off of the poster for The Social Network:


An excellent mix of references IMO!

Thanks for completing the second half of the reference. I decided I’ll buy the shirt because this shirt will probably get pulled. Thanks for the seven dollar shirt @jumbowoot!

Also, I’m pretty sure if you want to be cool you’re supposed to buy this style shirt a size or two larger, am I not mistaken?

It’s a parody. It’s the same reason Weird Al can copy people’s songs but change the words. Derby entries would theoretically be the same, but I’m guessing the moderators are told to be extra careful as they don’t have the time to thoroughly vet every entry and don’t want to have to tell people that the shirt they voted for can’t be printed.

My family is full of geeks. We’ve purchased most of the game related shirts here. This one isn’t any different than any of the other Mario related shirts that have printed.

For example:
Son of Manio

Love it, love it. Can’t wait to wear this one.

Also got it for $7, thanks Jumbowoot.

Just to clarify, forum moderators do not have any powers when it comes to the shirt derby. All derby decisions are made by Shirt Staff only.

Not to be the grammar nerd, but the correct way to write out 120 is “one hundred twenty” not “a hundred and twenty”. That said, nobody will care or notice, so it’ll be fine. Plus, you could make the argument that it’s just casual speech, essentially quoting an unnamed person. Still, it bugs me.

In my day, people looked the other way if you had to step on a few goombas to reach the top of the pyramid. We could grab our flags and be back home in our castle in time for the fireworks, and nobody would say a thing.

Awwww why did you have to say that. I bought it before i read your comment and now i can’t stop noticing it.

Big print. Looks imposing.