120 Stars

This is the run



Sig is a gril

Washington loves it. So does … Rhode Island? Okay, now I’m confused.

If only this shirt had some Yoshi on it, everyone knows that was the best reason to actually get the 120, and I do wish that it was easier to read the smaller print

It’s not really incorrect. I mean, a hundred and twenty is kind of like four score and and seven. That’s not how you would write out the number 87, but it does add up to 87, which is the idea.

Is this a print? Can I have one?


I would get this if not for the grammatical error:
It’s A Hundred Twenty, not A Hundred AND Twenty.

I’d love to order this but the new Women’s Small shirts look like a tent on me. /tear

The difference is Wierd Al has to pay royalties for all the songwriters for the original songs. On his albums, about half of the songs are originals or he wouldn’t make any money since all the original songwriters get royalties.

I’m not convinced this is grammatically incorrect. I’ll grant you it’s a faux pas but I don’t think the use of ‘and’ in this case is a hard and heavy rule. Mrs.Goodrich always said to only use ‘and’ at a decimal point, but grade school teachers propagate a lot of made-up rules. For example it isn’t incorrect to ask if you can go to the bathroom, but if you try it your teacher will be quick to feign confusion. I’ve seen very educated people use ‘I’ where they should have used ‘me’ because of the over correcting schoolmarm.

IE - “Jack and I went to school with Jill” is correct

“Jill went to school with Jack and I” is not correct

“Jill went to school with me and Jack” is fine.

Anyway even if it is wrong, when it comes to this level of grammatical obscurity it becomes much like etiquette, “an arcane list of arbitrary and pointless conventions that are laid down as pratfalls for the aspirational, as an amusement for the unlovable.”

This is a tee-shirt, not a peer-reviewed article.

You grammar people are killing me. Are you the same ones who still use a dash in “e-mail” and write out weblog instead of blog?

The grammar is fine, not to mention the way it is written makes it sound much more colloquial and spoken, which aligns perfectly with the fact that the shirt is a play on Facebook, aka “The Social Network” where grammar is often the last thing people are worried about.

Chill pills for everyone!

Never any Luigi Love

Yes! I agree. I noticed it immediately! Debating if I want to get it now or wait until the next wootoff to see what else comes up between now and then.

Great movie for those have yet to see it! Head to RedBox tonight if you haven’t!

I don’t get the writeup…who’s talking? Who’s threatening who? What for? My brain!!! (is just fine, but currently confused at the moment)

This shirt is too much work…explaining to everyone that it is a reference to a 2 year old film and a video game.

Without getting into too much detail, legally Weird Al does not have to get permission or pay royalties for parodies of other people’s songs.

That being said, he probably finds it better as a practical matter to do so in order to avoid constant litigation. I’d imagine there’s a similar motive behind shirt.woot’s rejection of parodies in derbies.

Also, with Weird Al, there’s the issue of his parodies often not focusing particularly on the song he’s using, so perhaps that wasn’t the best example. Family Guy Star Wars stuff maybe? Although Fox…so…anyway the point is that fair use does protect parodies, but a judge has to rule that the parody is a comment on the original work, which is often not completely clear. Although, I think this particular shirt is pretty obviously a comment on the game it’s parodying.

Yeah, that is painful to see. Wouldn’t “a hundred and twenty” be “100.20”? And to think I almost purch’d.

I’m genuinely curious if it’s possible to get all 120 stars WITHOUT jumping on any enemies, now. I mean, you can use punching for just about everything.

I guess you have to ground-pound the giant thwomp in the second world to get a star, so there goes that theory.

why do I have to order 2 designs separately? I have to order 1 design and finish that order, then order a 2nd design and finish a separate order. Seems like a waste of my time and your shipping dollars.

So what’s two and two? 2.02? 26?