1200 Peak Amp Portable Power Source

Reviews over at Walmart

WOW look at all the info on the spec. page? Really woot, we have to go search other websites…

Buyer beware, DO NOT BUY. These are junk!!!

Sorry about that. Specs have been added… to the Features tab. :-\

Junk Based on your experience with it?

I bought this at WalMart and they work. Used it as an AC power supply for a 2 nt camping, inflated the airbed and kept fan running during the day. Also used it to jump a relative’s car. I always keep these in the car in case of emergency.

I also bought mine at Wal Mart. It is probably four or five years old now and still works great. It is a lot easier to jump start a car using this unit than jumper cables. I believe I paid around a $100 for it.

Jump portion and invertor are good but the inflator is not. Oh well, spare in a can is only $3
Good to have while camping with all the power options

This is a refurb. What does that mean for the battery?

499 Reviews over at Amazon

Great question halnwheels … This does seem to be an interesting product with nice features…Being that it contains a totally sealed battery that it could not be “refurbished” or repaired in any way, Sooooo it is probably an original battery (who knows how old) or a new battery - I would hope for a NEW battery but I would imagine it might be the luck of the draw. Does anyone have any experience/knowledge with this type of issue please?

300amps isn’t much to work with when it’s below freezing and the car your trying to boost is dead as a door nail. I’ve got one of these and a diehard model. Mostly for camping/120volt needs. I tried to boost a car once with a smaller amp version and it just didn’t have the power to do it. Would be nice at the campsite though.

Based on… WHAT?

Anybody know what the battery capacity is?

I just read 6 pages of reviews at Amazon. The product is mostly “loved” when fairly new for most all features including multible jumps, but after time (upwards of a year mostly) many report charging failure - many enough to cause me to think twice…

Thinking a little more these refurbs may be the result of an insufficient - defective battery - maybe these refurbs have been refitted with a better quality battery - would be nice to know ???

We have one and we love it! The battery lasts a long time. We’ve jumped cars many times and it worked great. I’ve charged my phone with it while camping and it still had battery life left after 3 or 4 charges. My husband is a trucker and he uses it all the time at night to run a fan and charge his phone. We’d definately get another if ours ever dies. Have had it for at least 4 years and it’s still running strong. Paid $100 dollars for ours so the woot price is a good deal. I’ve bought a bunch of stuff from woot and have been happy with all but one purchase and they gave me a refund immediately on that one.

I am still contemplating purchase… I see a Woot 90 day warranty poster, but does anyone know if a Schumacher warranty applies please…90 days is nothing considering the possible usage - especially if purchased for camping (consider the time of year)?

I love the combination of features. Can’t think of anything missing from it. Great power outage, camping and car maintenance features, not simply a booster!

Our beloved Stanley (going strong after many years) has most of the functionality except the built in 120 volt inverter. So this device would be very tempting - except that there is no way to know that kind of battery abuse it has suffered.

**Lead Acid Battery-based booster wisdom:
The only way to long term durability happiness is to keep that battery charge topped off. That means topping off the charge every 2-4 months!

Fail to do that and you kill the internal lead acid battery. This might also explain why the reviews on this device are great for the first year or so.**

If Woot can assure us the original battery has been replaced with a fresh inventory battery (not one sitting in the warehouse since 2011 when these were first sold) then this device could be a nice buy. Otherwise, somewhat of a gamble. (Be sure to top off the charge when you get it. And then check the voltage several weeks later to verify it is holding a charge.)

BTW, if you are mechanically handy, the internal batteries of these Lead Acid battery boosters tend to be pretty standard emergency exit light/battery-powered kid car batteries. Relatively cheap on Amazon to buy and replace. (Source: research and did so on one of our older boosters.)

90-day Woot warranty as noted.

I have this, purchased new last year for $100 from Amazon. My car battery is chronically dying due to the fact I only drive a mile or so to my train station. A similar energizer model saved my bacon a few times, so I went with this one as a replacement when that one stopped taking a charge. I’ve not yet had an opportunity to use it, but glad I have it with me.

Keep it charged (overnight) once a month and it should be ready when you need it.