1200 Peak Amp Portable Power Source

these are junk!!! buyer beware. reviews are horrible. Mine never did work.

I purchased a similar refurbished Schumacher jump starter (PSJ-2212) from another site and the battery wouldn’t hold a charge. I didn’t try using it until the warranty period was over so I couldn’t get a refund. I ordered and installed a new battery and it has been working flawlessly ever since. So I believe these units are great but I would be weary of buying a refurbished model again. It seems like mine didn’t receive a new battery before they sold it.

I have one that I got new from lowes on sale 100. It has been great, I use it to jump start vehicles that are seldom used, lawn tractors, distressed vehicles. I used the infiltrator for the kids toys and my air mattress, The power inverter for powering my led work lights when working on a project. the Air compressor all the time for keeping my leaky tractor tire full. Just used it to put said tire back on the bead when I let it go flat in the blizzard. Worked great! I hardly charge it but that is when I notice it gets down a little when I try to jump start after all the other stuff for a couple weeks. Honestly this thing is great and I am thinking of picking up another as a gift so I don’t have to loan mine out.

This is the top end model
At walmart. I bought it there because I needed it before woot could deliver it to me

The Woot limited warranty specifically states it does not cover batteries, but this device is basically a battery in a case.

I am concerned by some of the other comments here–if Woot sends me one of these and the battery does not hold a charge, will it be covered under warranty?

That’s talking about included batteries, like for a flashlight. This is definitely different.