1200 Peak Amp Portable Power Source

1200 Peak Amp Portable Power Source
Price: $62.99
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Condition: Refurbished


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Pst woot. This is 400 watts surge, 200 watts normal load.

I bought one last time this was listed on woot. Overall, no complaints. Seems to be able to provide fairly ample power. I was able to run my TV (drawing 170W) for about 40 minutes and still had extra power.

I have had one of these for years, Paid about $90 for it. Started my car right up but was great during a black out and even better for camping

How much does it weigh?

Product Page with Manual

Don’t know much about this kind of thing. Would this be a good power source to keep plugged in (so that it’s always charged) in case of a power-outage? I know it’s not going to power my entertainment center or anything. But would it charge phones and run a lamp or a modem for a little while each day over several days? And would keeping it plugged in until, say, an earthquake, be OK for the battery?

A partial answer from the product page Q&A:

I brought my battery jumper in 2012 brand new never use it the display been on 10% for 2 months I don’t what’s wrong with it.

It sounds like the internal battery has become sulfated/damaged. This can happen if the internal battery is not kept charged up, even when not in use. It is recommended the unit be plugged in to top the battery off once every 30 days, even if it has not been used, charged after each use or left plugged in when not in use. If your battery is sulfated and will not charge, you will need to replace the internal battery. You can order a replacement battery by calling customer service at 1-800-621-5485.

So refurbished, does that mean it has a new battery in it? I looked but can find where it says anything other than the specs.

Does this have a new battery in it? Very important.

That is exactly the question which either makes this a good deal or a terrible one. If the battery is already 2-3 years old then half its useful life is already gone.

It would be nice to get clarification on this.

Does anyone know if you can replace this battery with a generic one or is it a proprietary one that you have to get from the manufacturer?

$99 new at Lowes “special value”

Lots of 5 star reviews, 39 total reviews

According to the manual linked by woncoolone, it weighs 23.9 lbs.

The battery will be checked to make sure there’s good life in it. It will be replaced if not.

What defines “good life”? A new battery makes this a great buy, anything else, it’s a crapshoot.

I have a car with a small battery that’s very prone to dying, and one of these things has saved my butt several times. Mine doesn’t have an air compressor, though – I could imagine that being pretty handy.

Concerns about the battery newness aside, these things really can save you in a jam and I think it’s a good idea for any driver to keep one around.

Agree about the battery. If replaced then I’d be in & others on this…

I agree with you. If they came with new batteries I would be buying 2 of them. I am not willing to take a chance with a used battery.

It seems to me the $99 new at Lowes unit posted by beagleboy is the way to go.

When charging batteries like the one in this unit there are safety issues to be considered.

This appears to be a great unit. However you need to be sure how to handle it correctly. I am reasonably sure the company will include safety instructions but if you want to read up on battery safety before you buy this please go here:

Thanks Dad.