12ct Duracell AAA Rechargeable Batteries

sometimes woot, i feel like you phone it in on tech woot.

don’t worry though, i still love you,even though you keep hurting my feelings.

Did anyone get these last time? How are they? Do they hold a charge well?

I just missed out last time because I thought I had just gotten some, but those were AA. :frowning:

This looks like a really good deal (if the batteries are good).

I have the AA’s. They’re great batteries, and do stay charged for a fair amount of time. I just don’t see the use for AAA’s. The AA’s I bought go into everything, from digicams to WiiMotes. AAA’s like this might find their way into remotes, but these aren’t really a good way to go with remotes when 8 AAA from the $1 store are… well $1.

Are these they long lasting charge ones like the eneloops?

I have a bunch of Made in Japan - Duracell Staycharged batteries. They work great. But at this price, it just isn’t much of a deal. You can get 12 real Eneloops at Costco for $20, and from what I understand, they are the next gen that can be charged way more times than these ones.

Funny, NO ONE mentioned a charger.

Without a charger, these are NOT rechargable.



(Yes, I’m emulating Bueller, Bueller?)


LSD aaa batteries. What to do, what to do. Already got the kodak charger for it…hmmm

Anyone who knows anything about rechargeables already has a decent charger like the lacrosse.

Woot and their infatuation with AAA batteries…

As I understand it, CPU controlled third-party chargers are the best way to go. The standard chargers that normally come with these types of batteries just pump juice into them for 8 hours no matter what. The CPU controlled ones apply a configurable amount of current and can do advanced recharge functions (like bring old batteries that don’t normally charge back to life). I own a powerex brand I got from newegg.

Hmmm… if today’s batteries can be recharged with this then I could use them in these.

It’s the Circle of Woot!

I didn’t get them last time, but I have purchased these and the AA in store.

I love them, they hold a charge well.

For reference I use the AAA and AA in all my flashlights and headlamps. (Fenix, Petzl, Blackdiamond) and they work well, I’ve never “tested” the amount of time they last, but I seem to always get the battery life the device mfg estimates.

I own these as well and while they are decent batteries, as someone said before I also have a hard time finding much use for mine too as most of my things take AA.

Additionally, someone else said it too, CostCo has Eneloops (x12) for $20, I own those also, and would pick those every time over the Duracells.

The iGo charger recharges Nimh batteries as well as alkaline rechargeables. Taken from the description:

Dual chemistry hybrid chargers charge any rechargeable alkaline or NiMH batteries

Are the tops on these white or black?

My understanding is the white tops are made in Japan and are superior to the black top ones, which are made in China.

If these have a white top, they are identical to the original Sanyo Eneloops except for the labels. I can’t tell from the photos if the tops are white. If they are, then I’ve been very happy with them.

I have a couple pocket (EDC) flashlights that use AAA and all my headlamps use AAA…

I bought some last time after reading a few comments here stating they were same as Eneloops (like, same as identical).

They do not have a white top, so my understanding is they are not the same as Eneloops. I have them all charged unfortunately I have run no tests with them yet. I plan to use them in my Battle Tag systems this weekend. I’ll post how they hold up.

EDIT: Won’t be using them this weekend, forget they are AAA. These will go in some low drain devices like some remotes I have.