12ct Duracell AAA Rechargeable Batteries



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12ct Duracell AAA Rechargeable Batteries
$14.99 + $5 Standard OR $8 Two-Day OR $11 One-Day Shipping
Condition: New

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Does anybody know if these will work with the iGo charger or will it blow up my house?


Wish they were AA’s…


Probably blow up your house…if you are lucky!


from igo charger
Dual chemistry hybrid chargers charge any rechargeable alkaline or NiMH batteries


Seems like it should work. They’re NiMH, which the charger is designed to work with.


iGo charger says it will charge cells like these. The unanswered question is if it will do a good job.


I don’t think these are going to be the Japanese-made Eneloop equivalents, but it’s still a decent price, even with shipping.

I’ll use these in remotes and those cheap LED flashlights.


maybe the eneloop charger?


They’ve got us all looking, quickly, deeply, one might even say, controllably.

And we’re all going to be staying up all frikidikidi night.


Thanks, to everyone who answered this question. I’m in for one.


Who charges AAA batteries? I can buy a pack at the dollar store thats got like 12 batteries.


Will this work with my Mac? Not even a refurb! Do Not Want!


I just wooted in my pants :frowning:


My girlfriend always buys a lot of batteries; I don’t know what that’s about…


Those of us who don’t want to keep throwing batteries away.




Yes, it will work with any charger than can handle ordinary NiMH batteries. If the iGo has a switch to choose alkaline or NiMH, make sure to choose NiMH.


Need AA’s for next time?