12k mAh Power Banks & Travel Chargers From K3

Dear Woot,

On stuff like this (specifically the 12k battery packs) it would be really swell if you could provide a picture of the item next to another common item for scale. 

I can look at the specs and draw some lines on a paper to get some idea of how big it is but if you could picture it next to something very common like oh say a DVD disc perhaps? That would really help in determining scale.

Despite what anyone tells you, size does matter… :wink:

Thanks in advance,

There’s a pic showing this unit with an iPhone next to it… But only with the white unit. The black unit – only one pic…

That’s all swell and grand but I don’t have an iPhone… Not everyone else does either. But I DO have DVD discs around, and I’m sure many other people have DVDs as well.

Just a thought. :slight_smile:

well… the dimensions of an iPhone aren’t that hard to find… and now a days if you don’t know someone who has an iPhone, have never seen an iPhone, or just don’t have the capacity to remember the dimensions roughly of a roughly 5 inch by 2.5 inch phone (and pretty thin) then idk what to tell you.

I know more people with iPhones than those with DVD discs. :slight_smile:

Totally missed my point but that’s okay. No worries.

This stuff ships lightning quick… I ordered a battery and the car charger kit and I’ve already received it in the mail. “Woot” indeed…

I’ve got a 5600mAh slim power bank which does pretty well but I need more power. That one’s about as big as an iPhone 5… as long as it fits in my pocket and doesn’t weigh a tonne I’m happy. Has anyone tried this 12K mAh one?

It’s pretty big and is kinda hefty… I don’t know about you but for me personally this is too big and heavy to comfortably pocket it. In a backpack or laptop bag it wouldn’t be so bad.


Good to know, thanks

Alright, here ya go: http://socialcompare.com/en/tools/compare-sizes/iphone4-vs-cd-vs-powerbank-2eyruo36

Does anyone have one of these? How do you like it? Which one do you have?

I have the 10k from anker, and it’s pretty swell. My nexus 4 will die at least once throughout the day, and it’s terrible. The battery is a life saver in that it allows me to charge my phone up to 4 times within a single charge, and let me continue on with my business. However, the sizes of the battery are a terrible thing because if I’m not carrying a backpack, there is absolutely no way I’d ever use it. They are too bulky and the wires are too long to feasibly use without a carrying case of some kind, such as a backpack or a knapsack.

What do you need to charge it? It doesn’t seem to include any cables.

Which item?

The 12k battery pack.

It comes with the USB charging cable.

Does anyone else find it amusing it is listed as 12k mAh and not simply 12 Ah?

Being that k = x1000 and m = 1/1000 and all.

I think they just like that 12000 sounds like a lot more than 12… :stuck_out_tongue: