12pc Dinnerware Set (4 Colors)

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12pc Dinnerware Set (4 Colors)
Price: $19.99
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Does anyone know where this dinnerware was manufactured?


COO is China.

Thanks for the inquiry!

Thank you very much!

They look like the genuine IKEA brand and if I remember correctly, are about the same price.

As Lichme noted above, there’s more pieces to coordinate with your set in a special Plus event:

Click on the pic to go see them:

I just went and felt these up. They have a nice weight to them. They remind me of pottery. Nothing whimpy about them.

You felt them up huh? I see that you like them, but do they like you?! :smiley:

“Think of a Keaton.”

I’d like ‘Alex P.’ for $100, uh, Alex.

There was some attraction there. :tongue:

Do they fit in the dishwasher? Unfortunately I have become all too familiar with a a variety of dishwasher racks over the last 10 years. Bowls are the hardest to fit in either the top or bottom. This is only a problem if you serve more than 4 people and use more than a single bowl a day for 4 people. I have found that shallower bowls with a flair edge works the best for nesting and getting clean. These look too deep to fit between the tines.

Wnydrft…I know exactly what you’re talking about. We have four blue bowls bought at IKEA, they’re really nice, deep and fairly heavy but trying to fit them in the dishwasher is a pain in the neck. Another headache are glasses that are narrow on the bottom but wider at the top, they take up too much room in the cupboard. Everyday glasses need to be straight so you can get them all put away. But, I guess these are first world problems. Should count my blessings and quit complaining. Right?

If I were single, I would buy these. My wife hates my taste in dinnerware.

Reminds me of fiesta ware.

I just need the large plates. Have you seen them listed anywhere?

Good question. Just bought the BMW of dishwashers (Bosch) and the tines are too close together to fit bowls. What a drag! These bowls look too deep.

Just a tip, but if you alternate the orientation of the cups (one top up, the next top down), they will take up less space. This is what we do in our cabinets. :slight_smile:


I used to work at Cost Plus World Market and that is how we stocked the glasses on the shelves. I do this at home, as well.

Is the color “bark” dark brown or black or ???