12pc. Disc Brake Caliper Wind Back Kit

Can get the same kit on EBAY, free shipping $16.68, out of Nebraska. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Disc-Brake-Caliper-Wind-Back-Tool-Universal-Kit-Piston-Pad-Car-Truck-Mechanics-/400800770822?hash=item5d51966b06:g:ligAAOSwPhdU7yJR&vxp=mtr

cannot find anywhere what specific models or years it may work on.

Most people just use a C clamp… Cheaper and less complicated than this kit!

Some calipers require you to rotate and compress at the same time, like my VW. Using a C-clamp can actually damage the caliper on that type.

Using a “C” clamp on many older Toyota model vehicles will result in permanent, irreparable damage to the caliper/piston mechanism. That will require your having to locate no longer manufactured parts – thus making you, the “C” clamp user, a fairly more complicated, expensive Guat…

Some Honda’s need this Kit. So the old school “C clamp” is a no go C Clamp person. Just goes to show the C Clamp person is not a mechanic but a guy or gal who works on his own stuff who does not know all the new makes and models that take the new tools that are needed for the new makes and models!!!