12V 3/8" (10mm) Cordless Compact Drill/Driver Kit

Out of date waste of money

4.3 Stars over at The Home Depot

Non-Lithium based battery in this days?
Antique tool. Don’t buy.
You can pick up much better deal on holidays sales at Home Depot etc.

Ni-Cad batteries and the 18 volt version for $0.99 less at Amazon so no thanks.

I bought this model about six years ago and it has worked okay and I wanted to trade it in at a DeWalt event at a local hardware store for new equipment, but they wouldn’t accept it because it was too out-of-date, i.e., not enough power (only 12V). The best I can do with it now is to recycle it because the batteries don’t hold much of a charge. I suggest buying something with at least 20V and lithium batteries.

12v AND NiCad for $90.00?!?!

I think I’ve had too much to drink and am not seeing straight.

At least you get 2 batts and a nice case. I guess…

Here are a couple better buys for only $10 more.

4.7 Stars with 62 reviews.


4.6 Stars with nearly 600 reviews

Everyone’s saying how obsolete this drill is, and it does look like it is. But I bought one almost 20 years ago, and it still works. My son used it (heavily) when he worked installing AC systems in large buildings.

I’ve gone through the original batteries, of course. (Cheaper ones are available, but I can’t yet say if they’ll last as long.)

One thing I do know is that this drill has two characteristics my newer Ryobi doesn’t: 1) great feel and usability, and 2) huge torque. By feel and usability, I mean the way it fits into your hand, the control over speed, the excellent chuck, the balance, etc.

This drill might be perfect if a lithium 12V battery were made for it. (Though would that make it unbalanced?) But even as it is, it’s just fine. I’ve never felt the need for a higher voltage drill. I’ve drilled dozens of 2 1/2" screws into 2x4s (skylights) without predrilling the holes.

I don’t know why I’m wasting my (and your) time with all this verbiage. Guess that drill has a soft spot in my heart. I’ve used it so much.

And still do; it’s the one I go for when I need a drill, not the newer Ryobi. Which is not a bad drill either, but the difference in quality is immediately apparent in a minute of use.

Lame. For 10 bucks more you can get the Lithium Ion 18V version with two batteries.

As others have said…for $10 more, you can get a much better deal.

2 20V Li batteries
1/2 inch chuck

If Woot (Amazon) really wanted to move this out of date but still useful product, the price should be reflective of that fact, A fair price for this model is $50. It would sell out at that price and the buyer would be happy, even if they had to pay someone to carry it to the trash can a year after purchase. But no. It will stay in some dark warehouse collecting dust. Dumb.

That first link won’t fill the same need. You can’t (efficiently) drill a hole with a cordless screwdriver because it only runs at low speed.

The second link is fantastic, Lithium, higher voltage, and 1/2" chuck which matters for anyone that buys a large drill bit index.

Ni-cad charger and battery. Ni-cads retain a memory and low shelf life

a lithium battery is today’s standards

I’m still using 12v and 14.4v DeWalt drills from ten years ago. They were good, rugged tools then and are still. I’ve kept mine alive with eBay batteries that have served me well. Would I prefer Lithium? Sure. Is it worth a couple hundred bucks to throw good tools away? Not really.

However, there have been two versions made for a number of years. One, which I call the “homeowner version”, has a less robust chassis and only two motor speeds. This appears to be that one. I’d pass for any serious work, but it would be fine for around-the-house use.

It is worth noting though that this deal on woot includes the hard plastic case, while the LiIon ones at HD and Lowe’s come with the soft case. It is much more difficult to find the LiIon versions with a hard case, and you pay a premium for it.

For some people that doesn’t matter, but for others it matters a lot. I find the hard cases are well worth having as they make it a lot easier to find the tool I need, and when I grab the hard case I know I have the tool, battery, and charger all ready to go.

How many volts? (16V, 40V, ???)

This is a 12V model.

Don’t know how us old-timers ever survived with NI-Cad, 9 volt drills. Remodeled 2 houses over 10 years and finally parted ways with Makita after the cost of new batteries was too high. Seriously, if you think your going to use a 20 volt all day, look at the size and weight of the battery. That power comes at a cost–your arm.

My first cordless was an 18v craftsman which still is in use to this day eventhough its a bit louder and less powerful than it’s replacement, the 20V Dewalt. The 20v Dewalt to me, is a complete drill in every way. The 2000ma lithium is small and lightweight, runs so long I have not used it up in a matter of days of use. Even sitting unused for weeks it will hold a strong charge. Next is the trigger and drill activation, smooth as butter, quiet, has a light, and you can buy much larger batteries, oh yeah and at it’s size much lighter than traditional ni-cad units.
I don’t know the 12v, but the 20v is worth saving up for.