12V 40W 1/4-in Ceramic Cartridge Heater

12V 40W 1/4-in Ceramic Cartridge Heater

Almost $5 for a single generic heater cartridge? That’s a terrible price.

meh… everything is cheaper in bulk. I buy electronic components all the time where one piece is $8 but if I buy ten I can get them for $12. Gee… wonder which one I’m picking? But… some people don’t need ten.

I am selling a 3d printed gear on eBay that is a replacement for a Christmas display. I’m asking $14 with free shipping for one gear. Some guy messaged me and told me “we [people who repair these] buy these from China all the time for $20 for ten gears. You’ll never sell these at these prices.” Yeah… I’ve sold plenty - it’s clear profit for me, so it’s all good - but the point is that the people I’m selling to don’t need ten gears. They need one.

Why not just buy the ten, it’s cheaper in the long run? Another story… back when McDonald’s was selling Big Mac for $2.69, they ran a special where you could get two for $2.22. I will never forget this… the lady in front of me ordered A Big Mac. The cashier said you can get two for $2.22. The lady said no thanks. I mean… come on! You could have given the second one away - or even thrown it away - and still come out ahead. But that’s not how some people are wired.

There was a store near a place in RI where I spent a year that sold fountain sodas.

3 sizes, all pretty much the same price.

There was somebody who would get the smallest size because they didn’t want more.

I tried explaining that it could be saved, but they couldn’t grasp the concept.

What gets me are the people who go to a fast food joint where they offer free refills and buy the large! Dude! Get the small size and go back for refills if you want more. smh… I just do not understand the human race…