12V Jump Starter Kit and Power Supply

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12V Jump Starter Kit and Power Supply
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5/1/2015 - $67.99 - Click To See Discussion (11 comments)

Seriously, Woot? http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00GX4Y9AY

[MOD EDIT] Slightly different model.

200 starting amps. Enough to start your car, if your battery isn’t dead.

Yeah, and 15000mAh vs 10000mAh for this “deal” and over $15 less since no $5 shipping charge.

I have the unit I linked and it’s great. Started up my SUV which had a fully depleted battery (no dome light, no door chime…) on several occasions. Great thing to keep in a car.

Ok people, help me out here. How are these little batteries supplying enough amperage to crank over a car engine?

He meant slightly BETTER model for a lower price.And by slightly he meant 30% more mAh for the lower priced Amazon deal.

Purchased and very excited to try this. Finally my 1946 Willys had a dead battery (converted from 6V to 12V). Hooked up per instructions and Jeep would not turn over. Re-checked instructions and re-seated clamps. No joy – very disappointed. Thought this would be a fine emergency charger that per the ad would start my F150. Rats! Hooked up battery cables to my truck and Jeep fired up just fine. Had Jumper Kit fully charged before and checked afterward; it still showed full charged. Have not but will be getting with the company’s support folks. Jeep has fired up everytime since.

One of the big problems with most of these batteries is they have to be maintained. In other words, you have to keep them charged. The jumper I own has to be charged once a month, and if you do not, you will be the owner of a $50 brick. And guess what, most people do NOT maintain them and then they are very unhappy. I would recommend buying one of the newer jumpers that use the Eneloop type technology. They can hold a charge for a year or more without maintenance. Much better.

I have one of the Amazon units and these are an amazing piece of tech. I don’t drive much and my battery is always dead and I mean stone dead until I go buy yet another one.

I charged it, hooked it up to my car and it started in seconds. I’ve used it three times so far. The last time was after it had been lying on the front seat for a month and a half.

I won’t be without one of these again.

Um… lithium batteries will hold a charge for a year or more if kept in “indoor” conditions. If you store it in your trunk hot and cold weather, I top them off every 6 months. What you’re talking about is the older heavy jump starters. Have you had a specific problem like this with a lithium/lipo battery based jumper? If so that isn’t normal. I just used a lithium starter the other day that’s been in my trunk since Jan, to help a lady start her car.

This one is a little small for stone-cold-dead batt jumping and hard to turn engines (such as big displacement, etc). For my own jeep with a 360 motor, i use the Bolt Power G06 - which is a 600A/400 CCA jump pack - a lot more punch than this one. This 200A size is more for the slow start/ radio works but car won’t turn over type of “dead” battery. The larger bolt (or any of the other higher amperage ones) would be better for your f150

I bought a 2000 Mah unit for $50 and love it - I have used it to charge my phone and to jump the neighbors car. Works great.

Since it can be charged from the cigarette adapter, it looks like it should be pretty easy to top off! Debating getting one for my car, have a much more expensive one for my motorcycle that has similar stats.

Kind of nervous about buying. By the time you use one of these, it could easily be out of warranty. Not sure if that’s better than just flagging down a car w your own cables.

Yep, even lithium batteries need to be recharged. I have lost razors, laptop batteries, rechargeable flashlights etc. They go bad because I forgot to keep them charged (all have lithium batteries). Yes, I can go a LOT longer between charges with lithium than lead acid batteries (I do it about every 3 months vs. once a month for lead acid), but they still need maintenance. Sometimes I buy something because it is the ‘deal of the day’, then forget about it (electric razor), or it is an older laptop I do not use, or a rechargeable flashlight (gift and I left it in the clam shell, now it is worthless).

Li-on can supply current (amps) 20-40 times it’s capacity for short period of time. Li-Po is even better in this regard. You do need solid leads to allow this current to flow and that is what makes this units capable of doing it.

Can you link such unit? Eneloop are NiMh based which isn’t usually great at high current draws. I would also imagine it being bigger and heavier but please do share.
Alos, 1 month is exaggeration. I have a RC LiPo battery sitting in my garage for 1 year - it is still holds charge.

The bigger problem is that Li-on and Li-pos shouldn’t be stored at full capacity for long period of time. That is why they need to be maintained.