12V Jump Starter Kit and Power Supply

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12V Jump Starter Kit and Power Supply
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Good Reviews over at Amazon

Anyone know how long it’ll hold a charge?

Charge your PDA, your PSP?? Do I need a DeLorean to be able to use this?

No, but you can use this instead of a lightning bolt to jump start it when it gets low on power.

same thing, cheaper price:


Actually even better, the linked item is 15000mah instead of this one being 12000mah. I bought the diesel model last time it was up for 2 reasons, I have a diesel Suburban and it came with a macbook cord that I can vouch works even with MBPr (with the Apple adapter).
The Lion battery should hold a charge a very long time.



I have this model, I bought it for packing on my motorcycle. Had a bad battery on my bike and I used this pack to start it 5 times without having to recharge. This is a small package that is easy to carry and turned out to be quite useful,and having tips to charge a phone or something is a plus. Hardly any 12v outlets on a motorcycle, unless you ride a big tourer.

Anybody have insight on this vs those AGM/Lead Acid types that typically have an air compressor built into them?

You will have to keep the lead acid type ‘topped up’ on charge more often - meaning it will probably not be charged when you need it most. Also, those compressors are (generally) garbage. You can buy canned air/fix-a-flat/other products to have on hand in an emergency and buy a better cheap compressor for topping off tires and filling basketballs. My experience, and from stories I’ve heard, is that those compressors often don’t work when you need them most too.

I have one and it’s great. You can charge just about anything from it, including a laptop.

A long time. They recommend topping it up every 3-6 months, but my experience has been more like 6-12 months.

And if you don’t they’re toast and will no longer hold a charge. Great idea, bad execution. Get this plus one of those little compressors (still junk, but they usually work once – but fix-a-flat is better) and duct tape them together.

I velcro’d mine to an inverter – 300W AC in the palm of my hand mu-ha-ha!

I used to have the graffiti handwriting recognition alphabet memorized! We need an app for that.

Can I keep this plugged in continuously and still get a long life out of it?

What about keeping it plugged in to an intermittent outlet like a car lighter socket that turns on and off with the ignition?

They exist, for both ios and android (just google android graffiti keyboard or ios graffiti keyboard)