12V Jump Starter Kit and Power Supply

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12V Jump Starter Kit and Power Supply
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I have a similar one and I love it. I have used it to recharge phones a few times and to jumpstart the neighbors car.

The only thing I don’t like about it is the flashlight, the button controls are a little clunky. If it were just on/off, that would be better.

This unit (12,000MAH capacity, 400AMPs output peak) should work well to start a car with six cylinders or less (or a very small eight cylinder engine in warm weather conditions. If you need more power than this, look for a Lithium Battery Jump Starter model (Amazon or Ebay) that is 18,000MAH in size and 600AMPs peak output peak that will start larger eight cylinder engines and even diesel engines, even in cold weather conditions.

Thanks for sharing this info. You saved me $65. I’m spending the next few months living in Vermont and definitely need something that will jump start my 8-cylinder car, even when it’s 20 below zero.

Instructions for all jump starters say to hook the negative clamp up last, and connect it to an engine ground away from the battery (for safety), but the pictures always show it being hooked directly to the negative terminal.

Some (I didn’t look at all) of the 18000Mah jump starters in ebay show a peak of only 400A. Some don’t even give the specs.
I noticed if you click on the Specs on this Woot listing, all it shows is “whats in the box”.

I could be wrong, but isn’t that the rule for car battery to car battery? Because it’s bi-directional, you should be grounded. For this starter, I don’t think you have that problem.

I have a similar Anker model (10000 mAh) and I’m happy with mine.

It’s actually suggested for all jump starting because of the chance of fire and explosion. This is because of fumes and/or sparks from the battery.
I don’t always do this. But it is what is suggested.

Let me start by saying, I have purchased a lot of items from Woot and this is my first comment on any of my purchases.
Because of the excellent reviews, I purchased 3 of these when they were on woot last time.
One unit came DOA and the second unit actually exploded. I heard a pop and the case cracked as the battery expanded when i was charging the unit. And the third unit can only be used to charge an ipad. Don’t even think about using it to start a car. This unit is simply a piece of cheap plastic garbage.

This price isn’t all that great. Similar models are much cheaper on eBay.

Thank You for saving me 60 bucks!!!

So I just assumed it uses Lithium chemistry because of its size but it isn’t specified, ANYWHERE! pass…

I have one. It’s Lithium.

I respectfully disagree. I have one of these and it starts my Mustang GT 5.0 liter V8 engine just fine in New Hampshire.

I got the Astropower Diesel model a few times back on woot, 650A, 17000mah, $99 and I love it.
I haven’t used it yet to start my 85 suburban but I’ve used it on several cars including my car that the battery was SOOO dead there was nothing and when I connected this the alarm went off. I’ve also used it to charge various things including my MBPr as it came with a MagSafe 1 tip. I do have to use Apples MagSafe 2 adapter but it works great. The MagSafe 1 cable is available on amazon for under $10 that will fit this.
I’ve left mine plugged in for extended periods of time to charge, run it all the way down til it shuts off and had no problems.
Like all chinese products I’m sure quality can be hit or miss but mine is still working great after 2 months.

Bought one of these from Amazon in January. It was $56 then, and seems to be available for for $50 now. I have used it several times to jump start a Prius :wink: OK. It’s not a V8, but it did work. Also charged cell phones, and a laptop. All in all a good product. I like that it comes with a variety of charging tips.

Several friends recommended this little unit, but having an electrical background, I was skeptical. But I thought, hey, how much can I lose, and I need something to power my phone on the go anyway, so I bought one. Fast fwd two months, the gadget left in my trunk on its original charge. My BIL calls and says he’s stuck and needs a jump, so I said, Hey, an opportunity to put all this power-talk to rest once and for all. But I brought my jumper cables JIC. Found my BIL, it was his truck, a Chevy 1500 V8 (no, not a Dodge, idiot) with a dead batt, doesn’t even click the starter. Hooked up this tiny bad boy right on the terminals, and I’ll be damned if it didn’t start on the first try. I had to eat all my words. Oh, and did I mention that it was 18 F outside, and he was in 6 inches of snow? If I didn’t see and do this myself, I’d still be saying, Yeah, right!