12V Plaid Elec Blanket for Aut

Is this test day? Identical portable tool boxes/workstations from different companies, nearly identical model numbers (one digit difference), one being called “deluxe” for $1 more than the other.
And, we have here, near enough to be called identical, 12 volt car blankets, from two different companies. This one is plaid, 43" x 59", and costs $22.
The other one is solid color, 42" x 58", and costs $25.
Both have 8’ cords that plug into the cigarette lighter power point. Both have zippered carrying cases. And, both have model numbers that begin with the same digits
Will YOU pay $1 more for the word “deluxe”, or $3 more for a solid color, and slightly less fabric?
WOOT! must be playing “silly buggers” with us today.