12V Travel Cooler/Warmer


Welcome to the 12 Volt DC Travel Cooler/Warmer topic page for this product on Monday, August 16th. Please post your questions, experiences, or pricing comments for the Cooler here.


Official Woot Price: $12.99

Froogle: $42.00 + Shipping

Info: 1

Looks like a great price, too bad I don’t need one.


Good deal, I already have one though!


faint, what is this? :shock:


Interesting product, but I don’t think that I need one.

See you tomorrow…




Eh, I might… thinking about it…

Damn woot, getting me to buy things I’ll never use!

I’ll pass, no need for it. :slight_smile: Got a mini-fridge at work. :slight_smile:


Now the big decision: Do I need one, two or three of these things…


Nice science lesson wooties, thanks. Is the price good? Wasnt this the same one that was in target for 8 bucks?


How do you like it?


Good deal, though I dont need one. First time I’ve actually caught a good deal in progress… Oh well, I’ve been checking this site everyday for about 2 months now, and I’ve just started staying up late enough to see this stuff while it is still here. This doesnt look like it will be here tomorrow. Happy w00ting everyone. See you tomorrow night.


sigh stayed up til 1:00 for this… :cry:


I don’t know, 12.99 is not bad for something I could use…


cheapest i’ve seen from froogle was 35 ebay have them for 20 w/ 10 shipping… you could make a few bucks reselling these on ebay…to much trouble for me thogh…i will pass on this one…great deal though!


Shows $29.99 at target.


[quote user=“akr”] Wasnt this the same one that was in target for 8 bucks?[/quote


I broke down and got 2. It’s in the 100’s here and I could use one of these, and I know I can sell the other. :wink:

Woot, you’re unstoppable.

–SubFreeze :twisted:


That’s why I got mine. :wink:


This is going to make the perfect gift for my dad, he’s always going on road trips…

Now that I think about it I might as well have just ordered two so I could have one aswell. Oh well.


Was 75% off some months ago. would have been 7.49 I think

[quote user=“kuoh”]Shows $29.99 at target.


[quote user=“akr”] Wasnt this the same one that was in target for 8 bucks?[/quote][/quote


That’s why I got mine. :wink:[/quote]

Good job defeating the whole purpose of Woot, bringing goods to the consumer for wholesale prices. Looks like some people will make a killing off your fine work woot, hope it doesn’t discourage you. :?

Now you know who to blame if you didn’t get any speakers, the ebayers. (don’t blame evilg, I have absolutely no idea if he bought any :lol: )