13.5" High Cordless Solar Accent Light

Bought some of these on a previous offer. They work and look OK. Not nearly as bright as the “artist’s rendering” and they only run about 3 to 4 hours on a charge. Of course, they also don’t all “burn out” at the same time which is expected, but odd if you care.

End the end, they are “meh”. OK for the price, but I won’t purchase more.

Thanks for the review I was on the fence, especially when they don’t list the lumen output in the specs.

FOr less than 4.00 each. They are marker lights. They don’t really light your path per say. They are just marker lights that light pathway! Had a set of these that lasted about three years. Some lasted less. Batteries leak, bulbs burn out…etc etc etc. Go figure all the parts are more expensive. Throw away’s for sure! But worth it if you just want a marker light for inexpensive.

Bought these last time, 2 sets, total waste of money. I had waited a month or so to put the first set out. The shaft is made of plastic so the first time the guy got next to them with a weed whacker, two were cut down. One wouldn’t light up after a week. After a month another 2 were dead. Of the remaining 3, 2 snapped off near the top of the shaft and weren’t lighting up anyway. And the one that is still in one piece no longer lights either.
Haven’t bothered to put out the second set since the plastic made my hands break out in hives the first set and their performance doesn’t warrant going thru that again!
I see the description says weather resistant…seems like something that is supposed to be in the weather 24/7 should be weatherPROOF!

The sane thing happened to me! I bought these last time, put them outside, and only 4 still light up. When I put them outside the 1st time, one didn’t light up at all. After 2 months, 2 didn’t light up and just recently a 4th one decided to not light up either. These lights aren’t very bright at all and I don’t recommend buying these… even if they’re cheap.

$5 cheaper on the mothership