13 Gallon Extra-Wide Touchless Trash Can

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13 Gallon Extra-Wide Touchless Trash Can
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Four people at staples.com calls this “perfect”


So, do I have this right? At a Staples price of $61.99 + free shipping, it’s cheaper than amazing Woot that prides itself on astonishing pricing. Oh, and it’s easy to find additional percentage-off coupons to use at Staples, too.

[MOD EDIT: Price comp is different model on Staples (Model: DZT13)]

My current trash can has no lid, saving me money from buying this, and money for buying four D batteries for the easy open lid for this item?

But how do you deal with the soul-killing stench of garbage? Perhaps you party guests are too polite to tell you. At the very least, use some baking soda.

Does it seal in smells enough so my dog won’t want to knock it over?

I have a number of different touchless trash cans, and this one is by far the best for a number of reasons.

First, it’s much quieter than my other touchless trash cans.

Second, I have some touchless trash cans that have a lip in the inside of them. When trying to remove a full bag, bulky items in the bag get caught on this lip. It makes it tough to remove full bags and can end up with tears if you’re impatient. This particular trash can has no such lip, so bags are easy to remove.

Third, a full bag will often pull out really slowly from other touchless trash cans due to vacuum suction. This particular trash can has vent holes that let a full bag remove easily.

Fourth, I have other touchless trash cans that will open when it detects motion, but will be ready to close on your hand when you’re not completely ready, such as when you’re scraping a plate. This one continues to sense you and will not close until you’ve moved away.

Fifth, I have other touchless trash cans have an “open” button, when you want it to remain open for an extended period of time. However, the button is near the motion detector, and if it senses you before you press the button, it will ignore the button press. So, you have to very cautiously reach for the “open” button. Or, if you are accidentally sensed, you have to wait for it to decide to close again before you can reliably use the “open” button. This particular trash can doesn’t suffer from this problem. Whether it detected your hand or not, pressing the “open” button will put it into the constantly open mode every time.

This particular trash can also has a handle on it that my other trash cans do not. I wouldn’t carry it by this handle, but it helps with leverage. It also has a charcoal filter. Honestly, I don’t know if it’s a gimmick and I don’t use this one for food-trash too often (it’s in the laundry room), so I can’t tell if it helps or not.

As far as expensive touchless trash cans are concerned, this is definitely the one to beat. I wish my others were this one, but I can’t justify buying more.

It’s an “okay” buy but not necessarily a “must” buy. There is a comparable model on Amazon that’s actually cheaper ($61.99) since it also ships free. That one has over 1,600 reviews and stands at 4 out of 5 stars. The WOOT model is supposedly “extra-wide” but the overall dimensions are only a couple inches more overall… an insignificant amount at best. I’m gonna pass on this one. The model on Amazon feels like the better buy, especially since there are many more reviews for it as well. But Thank You Woot! for showing me that I really need a cool and oh-so handy garbage can!


Excellent review with so much useful information … Thanks!

Thank You for taking the time and I purchased on your review!!!



For an Additional $10 off woot!!!**

I have no Idea how long this will last so be quick I just did and it worked great on this for $58 shipped with ship and tax!!!

I hope that can was being used as a recycle bin in that video above. My wife bought a touchless trash can and the biggest pet peeve I have about it is that it closes on me when I am trying to use it for more than a few seconds. Annoying! Sure it looks cool, but what was wrong our old trash can where you stepped on a pedal, it opened up, then step off the pedal, it closes? That didn’t use any batteries either and cost a lot less. The least these robotic trash bins should do is move the lid around like it was chewing the trash and wiggle a little bit like it was one of those Robie Piggy Banks sold in the 80’s, then maybe it would be worth paying for. But my trash can is not the one sold here today. As the member above pointed out, this can won’t close on your hand while you scrape off a plate. If the other automatic trash cans you are looking at can’t say the same thing, don’t even bother buying it to save a couple bucks. My wife laughs at me for arguing with a trash can.

The 10OFFPARTY really works!

I also bought based on this review and the $10 off Code… Thanks Woot community

As of this post, coupon 10OFFPARTY still works, so I’m in for one.

Bought one of these about 3 months ago. It had a mind of it’s own at first, as to how far it would open. Mostly, would open only about 1/4 wide. Emailed the company to find out about warranty support and they never got back to me. About a month ago, it “remembered” that it is suppose to open wide and it has been fine since. The problem was NOT the batteries - they were fresh and brand new. Original batteries are still working fine. Frequency of use is low to average, as there are just two of us empty nesters in the house these days.

We have a different brand of motion-sensor can from Costco that’s about four years old now. My husband doesn’t like it because it opens unintentionally once in a while, but I adore the thing. It makes cooking much more pleasant with fewer stops for hand washing (as with a standard can) and doesn’t require a full stop to engage a foot, nor gouge up the wall like our old step can did with its external hinge. It’s also quieter. The only down side is that if I’m not at home and encounter a lidded trash can when I’m Thinking About Something Else, which is most of the time, I forget that not all cans are automatic and wave my fingers at the can like a Hogwart’s dropout for a moment before I remember where I am. I’ve been caught at this a couple of times.

Although the shape of this can would not work in my kitchen, it appears to be the same size (uses 13-gallon bags) and has a wider mouth, which seems desirable. I often wish mine had a broader gob.

Looks like a decent deal if it’s as responsive as mine.

good call on the “10OFFPARTY” !

As of 3/38 9:45 EST the 10OFFPARTY coupon is still working.