13 Gallon Trash Can-Your Choice

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13 Gallon Trash Can-Your Choice
Price: $79.99
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Condition: New


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Got the rectangular one last time. Really nice to use. No odors, nice looking. Auto open/close is really nice Buying a second one for recyclables.

4.7 Stars over at Wayfair

Whats the model of the rectangle one?! Whenever you search IT13HX it refers to the round trash can. Even the itouchless website shows it this way.

$59 other places

Where at please? (I’m in for one but would love a non-amawoot discount)

We bought the rectangular one last time, too. Like another wooter had mentioned at that time, ours broke 2 weeks in. Tried new batteries, employing the “reset” option in the manual - nothing. It just wasn’t lifting up or somettimes even closing all the way and it was really slow and annoying.

Because of a previous wooter’s comments I went to the manufacturer’s website and filled out the warranty section then emailed them for a replacement lid. They told me they would do so but only as a “one time courtesy” (I wasn’t a huge fan of the wording used in their response).

Anywho, they sent us a replacement lid and it’s been working great ever since (over 2 mos). The previous wooter’s comments helped me so I thought it relevant to post similar comments here for those of you purchasing this item.

Would I recommend this item? Yes. We love it now that it’s working. Just be sure to take the necessary steps should you need a replacement lid and keep your fingers crossed you won’t need a third.

I got one of these square trash cans on a previous woot for mom (so it may be a different model). Initially, she put trash can in a place where there was a lot of foot traffic and it opened randomly - so that part worked good (but annoyed her). My issue was the square nature of the canister and that trash bags are only about half full when removed (due to the square nature of the trash enclosure.) I am looking for a more rectangle shaped canister for her as a replacement. I also do not feel that I paid ~$84 for the item to be delivered (but did not check my account before writing this comment).

Tried to google and haven’t found THIS model anywhere for $59. Please elaborate. The best I found was QVC for ~$110.
I’m tempted to Woot! Help me!

Ahh. Was it this one? different touchless trash canOr, here:another touchless 9 star brand
Really good reviews on both. I dont find mention of ac power source. 4D cells not included for all of these cans.
Anyone have experience with nine stars?

Amazon has the round HX model for $109.

But they only have this rectangular model (not listed as HX) for $69.

I cannot find an HX rectangular model anywhere to compare.
Anyone else find?

Bought a version of this at least ten years ago from Sharper Image. I love it. Still works like a charm. Only changed batteries once. Using flex type bags, I get much more trash in this than I’d get in a plastic can. The sensor range is about a foot. I’d buy another without hesitation.

here’s a (previous woot!) link to various and assorted banter (which may or may not be helpful ; ) about a different model i-touchless contraption:

previous woot iTouchless ** MX-Series **Trash Can

i think this is a short video for the round (semi round?) can in todays woot!:


Hey all- just sent a note to the buyer to see if we can get any more info on the rectangular model. Check back for an update.

UPDATE: Here’s the Amazon page if you want something to compare to. Looks like it’s the same model number, just difference in title/shape.

Another 90 day wonder gadget.

Simplicity in design and function insures years of trouble free operation. The more complicated you make an item the more maintenance and part replacements you will be faced with.

If your ok with that …Then this item is for you.

Jeff Bezios is ripping us off again. His Amazon site sells this for $10 cheaper - plus free shipping, if you’re a prime customer.

Uh, you have to touch it to change the batteries. Just saying…

Cheaper on Amazon, and with Prime there is no shipping charge: http://goo.gl/2q9HZJ.

I’ve been finding almost everything cheaper on Amazon than on Woot . . . did they lose their way?