14" 720p Portable DVD Player with MP3, MP4, USB & SD

Just so I understand, all of these players say their rechargeable batteries allow for “up to” 2 hrs. of audio or video playback? If that’s true that means you can’t watch a movie that is over 2 hours long and, if you want to watch a movie that IS 2 hours long, you have to have just finished charging the unit and not used it at all before watching the movie. And, of course, we don’t know what “up to” might mean, it’s one of those ambiguous statements that will let the company off the hook even if your player’s battery only lasts 90 minutes. This just seems crazy! Many movies are over two hours long, and again, even if the movie your watching stops just as the final scene starts, you can’t complain because the company used that wonderful “up to” wording.

willyone: It comes with an AC & Car charger.

Does this have headphone jack? Otherwise my daughter will drive me crazy watching some movie in the back seat.

I see it listed on page 10 of the very crappy manual posted on their site.