14” Full Air Bed w/Built-in Remote Control Pump

Pump, pump, pump it up!

A remote for when you don’t even want to get out of…woah.

Go for 3 and have a SUPER DELUXE ULTRA AIR BED!

Does anyone know if this one is any good? I cannot find any reviews or anything else about it.

How loud is the pump?

Weight limit? Woot previously had a queen size with a weight limit of 300 lbs (which ain’t much). Some people may be too heavy for this one.

A little less noisy than a hair dryer, I’m guessing, as I have an Aerobed with a similar type of built in pump. I guess, that can also depend on the hair dryer.

Thanks. Somehow, I must have missed that. I swear I looked all over the description for it!

I believe Walmart has a similar queen sized bed for the same price and it gets fantastic reviews on their website. I sort of want a full, though…gotta go check WM’s site…

Was gonna get it but when I saw that buy.com has the same one for 59.99 with free shipping I decided this is maybe not the best deal…

Yeah, I saw that too. Still saves $5, though, so I went for it. I couldn’t find it any cheaper than Buy.com, or anywhere else for that matter. I hope it’s good!

This is a full size. I think it’s time you got some sleep DaZoneRanger, but then maybe you don’t have anywhere to lay your head, so maybe you should just get this one.