14” Full Air Bed w/Built-in Remote Control Pump



This deal is full of air. And is making me tired.


I’m curious what would happen if you filled one of these with helium.

Talk about sleeping on air.


“I have never owned a pair of thong underwear like those in the photos”

i haven’t either


Have had one of these for over 3 years now… It’s comfortable and convenient.
Just 2 things: mine needs to be slightly reinflated every day so it’s nice and firm to sleep on. And if it is cold, the air in the mattress cools the sleeper even more: we solve that problem by putting a thermal blanket between the mattress and the fitted sheet.
The pump is good: we used it all summer long to inflate our backyard pool and other kid stuffs too…


Not a great price though. I was just shopping for a air mattress at Target so I have some idea of pricing. And if you want to use it for camping you probably need a pump that runs on batteries or 12V.


Sounds like a good alternative to a $2500 sleep number bed. Who cares what the number is.


…but if it’s already Full, why do you need the pump? =P


Probably just to maintain the pressure. I can’t believe it’s still 5 dollars to ship tho, I can’t ait for the box it comes in, I’ve got some MAJOR fort plans in mind for that thing!

I bought 3 just so the box would be even bigger!! Even better if I get 3 boxes, and I can have a habitrail kind of setup for my fort with interconnecting tunnels made from the materials of the mattresses that wil be coming in the boxes. The pumps I could then use to keep the air in my abode fresh (I have a fatulence “problem”)

Oh man, best purchase ever!


I like these with the built in pump. Great for when guests stay over and you dont have to worry about looking for batteries or locate the pump.

Just wish it was queen sized. Folks in Texas need big beds!


Things a human hamster says…


These are awful. I bought two last time they were up and they both are flat by morning.

Edit: never mind, that was the dual chamber serta model. These might be ok.


Remote is attached by a 14" cord. Not remotely useful.


Awesome, in for 1 hoping it fits nicely inside the, Swiss Gear Falera Family Dome Tent. Size: 11 feet x 9 feet x 70 inches


I received mine a few days ago.

During assembly, they must have switched the polarity of the motor because when I press “Firmer”, it SUCKS air out of the mattress, and when I press “Softer”, it sounds like it opens a valve within the pump assembly to let air leak out in a controlled manner.

So now I have a mattress that will not inflate but will suck the air out but not in…


Huh, that’s not right. Email service@woot.com so they may assist you.

Always check your junk/spam fold if you don’t see a reply in a reasonable amount of time.


Yeh - Got one and have used it twice, for 2 nights each ---- Yep, it is flat by morning … Actually BEFORE morning :frowning: