14 New Designs from the Shirt-Off!

A lot of good designs here.

There are some gr8 designs but after buying a few designs on the typical woot shirt & then buying one on an American Apparel shirt…there’s no going back to the typical woot shirt…just my humble preference & experience.

Any idea when those stickers are gonna ship? I got surfaces that need a good stickering.

Hmm. My guess is that the holiday weekend isn’t helping. Let us know if you don’t get a tracking update in the next couple days.

Nothing yet. Anybody else waiting for stickers before I contact support?

Still no stickers or signs of shipping. I contacted support.

Sorry :confused: hopefully they’ll figure it out pretty quickly.

guess I’LL try here… I ordered a 10 random pack of stickers and recieved only 3 stickers… email few times and last responce was this …> Hello,
> Thanks for taking time to email us. We appreciate your business as well as
> your concerns.
> I’ve checked the order tracking details and see that the item is delivered
> to the correct shipping address.
> In this case, you may want to contact the carrier for further information.
and this…
Sorry to hear that you have changed your mind on the product you
purchased, unfortunately, per our FAQ’s (www.woot.com/faq), we’re
to accept returns on items due to buyers remorse.
Woot Member Services

I just want my 10 random pack is all…
why cant they understand this!!!???!!!

I’m so sorry about that, I’m going to escalate your case in my afternoon report- you should hear back in the morning.