14 New Designs from the Shirt-Off!


^Haha, after all of your comments I’m glad you saw it! PS. You are awesome.

Thanks for printing it, Woot. :slight_smile:

Great shirts. Bought Illumination and Sir Robin. Thanks for making them, artists, and shirt.woot.

There are some great designs that came out of this, but none of them interest me. I am ordering French Kiss and Illumination, for my girlfriend, because she likes them.

I have literally been checking the site every day since then. I knew it was too good not to print at some point.

Thank you for making this. <3

Lot of awesome here- And I am assuming this is how woot handled the missing HMs??? Pretty fun method guys!

You have a rad girlfriend! heh

Don’t forget the sticker trade thread if you buy some of those sweet random sticker packs! There have been over 80 stickers released over the last several months, and plenty of people with extras to trade from earlier rounds!

That’s what it looks like.

Are we just left with the HMs from #344 (purple, AA shirts :)) with no second chance now?

XD Still waiting on mine to come in the mail. So excited to join the trade!

For the stickers - are they going to be random like the first time I ordered stickers??? Or, will it be like the last time when I got 3 of each sticker because I ordered 3 sets???

I might like the stickers - but if they are going to give dups of EVERY one, I’m only getting one set.

Don’t forget about the sticker trade thread. Even if you have dups, that’ll just give you stuff to trade out for ones you don’t have :smiley:

Anybody else still waiting for their sticker pack?

Does this happen to you EVERY time? :frowning:

No. First time buying stickers. Since this sale was listed both on woot and shirt.woot, I figured I’d ask both places. I bought mine from the woot plus sale though.