1400TC 6-Piece Sheet Set

Sheets are pretty bad. They are only part cotton. They are reasonably comfortable but they are already falling apart after owning them for a week. The pillow cases are ripping at the seams.

The thread count is only part of the story. you need to look at the weight as well. A 1200 thread count means nothing if the threads are 1/2 the thickness of a 600 thread count sheet.

Nope. Not going to buy. The flat sheet on the queen and king set is only 102". You will not be able to tuck them in at the foot of the bed and still have enough sheet at the head of the bed. Already fell for that once. The flat sheet needs to measure around 108".

“Cotton-rich.” This is like mixing equal parts beer and water and calling the resulting swill “beer-rich.” “Polyester Poor” would be a better description.

Embarrassing product for woot.com to be selling. It’s too bad they don’t try to focus more on quality, rather than quantity.

The DH bought these for my bd. King size fitted sheet at least 3" too long on both sides. Must have been mismarked.

Thank you for posting, I was wondering this after looking closely at hems and seeing single stitching.

Love the feedbacks. Saved me time and money. Thanks

Purchased and washed twice - I have not had any issue with seams unraveling or with size as indicated in some of the other comments. Main reason for purchase is set includes 4 pillow cases - 6 piece set is better for us and price point was great.
Both husband and I (and unfortunately 2 dogs) find sheets to be quite comfortable. Weight of sheet is “heavier” or more substantial feeling than our other sheets - which is great for fall weather. (Other sheets were Hotel Collection but purchased at Marshall’s - no idea thread count…).

Not particularly comfortable, but, for the price, not necessarily a bad deal either.

I’m surprised by other folks comments. Sheets are comfy, washed well, don’t wrinkle that much and feel well made. Im happy.

I’m confused why anyone thinks Woot should carry better quality &/or they shouldn’t be a dumping ground.

Doesn’t anyone remember when Woot sold 1 item a day dirt cheap because it was Woot or the dump?

I remember the one item a day days. They were fun and a hell of a lot easier to keep up with. :hourglass_flowing_sand: