1400TC 6-Piece Sheet Set

Where are these made?

–Made in India–
It is listed under the Specs tab on the item listing page that is unless they updated the posting after you posted your query.

Happy wooting.

In some of the pictures, it shows single stitching and in the pictures of folded sheets, it clearly is double-stitched. Which one is this product?

These sheets have stitching and a fold over hem as shown in the sheet stack and folded up sheets.

1400TC means a lot if it is 100% cotton and almost squat if it’s cotton / polyester like these. save your money for a better product

Thread count should be used in the title only for 100% cotton sheets. If not it is purposely misleading on the sellers part.
Yes they do have a thread count/weight but the term is used in cotton fibers so customers assume and buy a sweaty polyester blend if they do not read the fine print… Little shady in my opinion.

save your money. these sheets are cheep junk. 1400TC very misleading. 1400TC is model designation, not actual thread count. I fell for this false labeling when I bought a set called 1800TC. save your money

[MOD: Incorrect. TC stands for Thread Count on Woot]

I don’t believe that you bought our sheets.
There are suppliers out there that are using 1800TC as a model designation and shipping microfiber sheets.

Our sheets are a 1400 Thread Count sheet set. The 1400 TC is just shortening 1400 Thread Count.

Try them out, I know that you will like them.

What is the return policy on these?

Our Return Policy is available for your reading pleasure.