14K White Gold Jewelry

What is the other metal content? Nickel, something else? Talking about nickel allergies here. Thank you.

Sorry, but pink tourmaline is NOT the October birthstone. It’s opal. I appreciate that for some reason that pink fake gemstone keeps getting pushed as a birthstone, but it’s really just hideous and cheap.

Just received my 14k white gold garnet studs, they do not look like the picture, they look like cheap crap you would get from the dollar store.

I’m very sorry- can you post pics and/or send some into support@woot.com? I know we’d like to see what’s up.

Thanks so much, I’m passing this along to our buyer.

Just received my diamond earrings today that I bought for my wife the also look like cheap dollar store garbage or something you’d get from a 25 cent vending machine not even close to what was pictured if I don’t receive the actual item that was purchased that was advertised I am getting a hold of my local district attorney’s office in regards to false advertising and scam this better promptly get resolved asap Thank You.

I am being told by your CS folks that I have buyers remorse. Really? I have not received what I purchased.

They told me they offered you a return for a full refund- did you get a different email in addition to the one our CS rep worked with me on?

Got different that photo. Was also magnetic. Wrong item poorly packaged damaged and magnetic so not real gold. First and last order with woot.

Oh man, I’m sorry to hear about your experience. Have you emailed support@woot.com with your order info and situation? If not, CS can help get things taken care of.

I had the same experience. The advertised picture is very different from the one received. Have emailed support woot.