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So, since this is going to take a while, I need some advice about my laptop. I have a MacBook. I live in Germany and I use an adaptor for the charger because the computer is dual voltage. Unfortunately, this burns up the battery (3rd laptop this has happened to… 2 Toshiba and 1 Mac). Does anyone know if I can buy a battery from the European Apple Store and use it on my US MacBook? Thanks!

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I’ve never heard of such a thing and couldn’t find similar examples in a quick Google search. The power supply that comes with your laptop should be able to take 100-240V and 50 or 60 Hz and convert it to the power your laptop needs (check the label of the power supply to be sure). That means you should be able to plug your power supply in anywhere in the world and your laptop and battery would get the same juice as if you were back home in the US. Therefore I’d be leery of any explanation that you ruined your battery by plugging it directly into the wall (via adapter) in Germany or any other country. Anyone who tells you that is basically saying your laptop’s power supply didn’t work as advertised. I know that’s not the answer you were looking for, but I can say in 18 years in the AF I’ve plugged in laptops literally all around the world and have never experienced a battery problem caused by the local electricity. I hope your next laptop fares better.

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Hmmm… Maybe the problem is constant exposure to the 220V? The battery has lasted since November 2008 being constantly used in Germany. Or maybe that is just the life of this particular battery? I would hope not but that may be the case. We do use the laptop everyday. I am an Air Force wife. We live on the economy in the middle-of-nowhere Germany. I wished we lived in one of the military houses that offer both 110 and 220!

Agreed. I had my U.S. Dell laptop with me for two years in Indonesia and did not have to convert the voltage. I only had to adapt the plug type. My battery says 100-240V for the input.